CIVICA Engage Track

CIVICA Engage Track is an undergraduate program run jointly by universities associated with the consortium of the European University CIVICA - The European University of Social Sciences.

The program offers first-cycle students the opportunity to pursue a study path focused on problems that require not only academic knowledge in a given area, but the solution of which also requires social and civic involvement.

CIVICA Engage track is co-financed by European funds under the Erasmus+ European Universities program.

CIVICA Engage Track offers three path options by selecting one of the 3 options:

  • Option 1: the student is obliged to complete the CIVICA course at the home university, complete the CIVICA course at the partner university and prepare a project (showcase assignment);
  • Option 2: the student pursues the CIVICA subject at the home university (SGH), participates in the European Week and prepares a project (showcase assignment);
  • Option 3: the student completes the CIVICA course at the partner university, participates in the European Week and prepares a project (showcase assignment).

During the recruitment process, the candidate chooses only one of the 3 options.

Upon completion of the CIVICA Engage Track the student receives a certificate.

The language of instruction of the CIVICA Engagement Track is English. Students pursuing the program have the opportunity to choose subjects in other languages of instruction at partner universities.


European Week 2024 - information meeting on January 11, 2024

Online application - open until January 26, 2024

Engage Track courses at partner universities

The CIVICA Engage Track is offered by eight CIVICA partners:

  • Bocconi University, Italy 
  • Central European University, Austria and Hungary 
  • IE University, Spain
  • SNSPA, Romania
  • Sciences Po, France
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
  • Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Engage Track courses at SGH

CIVICA Engage courses on offer for the 2023/24 academic year at SGH:

  • Europe and International Migration: an Interdisciplinary Perspective (CIVICA Engage Course) [13801C-1356] – Dr Marta Pachocka + faculty team
  • Financial Policy of the EU (CIVICA Engage Course) [13174C-1009] dr hab. Marcin Gospodarowicz, prof. SGH
  • International Marketing (CIVICA Engage Course) [12092C-0301] dr hab. Izabela Kowalik, prof. SGH + team: dr Maziashvili Maia
  • Services Marketing (CIVICA Engage course) [13040C-1030] dr hab. Maria Johann, Prof. SGH
  • Sustainable Development (CIVICA Engage course) [12151C-0084] dr Maciej Cygler
European Week
  • One-week programme, usually in summer
  • Students receive an Attendance Certificate

A European Week takes place once per academic year at one of the participating universities. This multifaceted programme includes academic content and active engagement with local organisations, and of course interaction and collaboration with other CIVICA Engage students.


Online application - open until January 26, 2024 by 1.00 pm

Past events:

Showcase assignment

The CIVICA Engage Showcase Assignment is the final option to complete the CIVICA Engage Track.

The Showcase Assignment consists of two parts, where students will:

  1. Undertake a personal analytical reflection of their learning experiences along the CIVICA Engage Track, through articulating their own experiences, learning, strengths, and areas for development.
  2. Showcase their learning experiences during the CIVICA Engage Track about a European challenge through a short media piece aimed at external audiences.

CIVICA Engage Track Academic Coordinator:

Dr Małgorzata Znoykowicz-Wierzbicka, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Studies