CEMS MIM at SGH (Master's in International Management Programme)

CEMS Master's in International Management Programme

SGH is a proud member of CEMS since 1995 as a candidate member and became full member following the decision of the CEMS General Assembly during Annual Event in Vienna in 1998. Like all other members, SGH has its local CEMS Governance with CEMS Office at SGH managed by programme directors and managers. The role of CEMS Office is to design, prepare, execute, and monitor local MIM programme based on the guidelines and requirements of the CEMS strategic, executive and management bodies coordinated by the CEMS Head Office

AE Sydney 2017 SGH award




Most of CEMS students who will study a term abroad in the EU countries may be eligible for Erasmus+ Scholarships. In order to get a scholarship, you have to fill in several documents. A detailed list of documents, schedules, and requirements necessary to obtain Erasmus+ scholarship is available at the Erasmus website at SGH. 

 On top of that, there are separate funds offered by our partner institutions to encourage students to go abroad. In case of availability of such scholarships you will be informed by the CEMS Office at SGH. 

CEMS Courses at SGH - schedule and outlines

Class schedule for Term 1 is usually available in June, and for Term 2 in December/January.


Virtual Dean’s Office (VDO) 

CEMS Courses at SGH - registration

SPRING SEMESTER (TERM 2) Course: Strategy Development in Practice with McKinsey and Company 

Course code: 236117-0456 

Instructor: Prof. P. Płoszajski 

ECTS: 7.0 

Deadline for applications: CLOSED

Resignations are possible till 26.02.2023. Resignation should be done by e-mail to Prof. Płoszajski, CEMS office and McKinsey.  

How to apply: 

Submit updated CV in English. 

 Participation in all workshops and teamwork between sessions is mandatory. 

Course only for full-time MA students.

Classes will take place on March 3rd, March 24th, April 14th, May 12th between 11:40 am and 6:50 pm CET

More information about the course is available at


SPRING SEMESTER (TERM 2)  Course: Brand Management in a Multinational Company with Procter & Gamble  

Course code: 236001-0456 

Instructor: Prof. Mikołaj Pindelski

ECTS: 7.0 

Deadline for applications: COURSE CANCELLED FOR 2022/2023

Course only for full-time MA students. 


SPRING SEMESTER (TERM 2) Course: CEO Academy Growth Strategies for Global Tech Startups 

Course code: 239611-0456 

Instructor: Prof. Joanna Żukowska

ECTS: 1.5 

Deadline for application: CLOSED

Resignations are possible till 25.02.2023. Resignation should be done by e-mail to Prof. Żukowska, CEMS office and Daftcode. 

From academic year 2018/2019 offered only as a course, in exceptional cases can be credited as a skill seminar. 

Participation in all workshops and classes is mandatory.  

Course only for full-time MA students. 

 Classes will take place - time and dates TBC

More information about the course is available at


WINTER SEMESTER (TERM 1)  -  Course: Developing a Winning Sales and Marketing Strategy with L’Oreal   

Course code: 238161-0456  

Instructor: PhD Justyna Szumniak-Samolej

ECTS: 7.0 

Deadline for applications: CLOSED

Resignations are possible till 09.10. Resignation should be done by e-mail to lecturer Justyna Szumniak-Samolej, CEMS office and L’Oreal.  

Participation in all workshops and classes is mandatory. 

Classes will take place on Wednesdays from 13.30 - 18.50 pm on: 

19 October 
26 October 
16 November 
29 November 
14 December 

Course only for full-time MA students. 

More information about the course



The schedules and details of registration will be announced by email to all CEMS students in advance. For term 1 (fall ) registration is opened June/July, for term 2 (spring) in January.

Registration takes place through Virtual Dean’s Office.

Virtual Dean’s Office (VDO) 

Term 1: Block Seminar

Block Seminar is the CEMS MIM opening event to all students of the given class. It is a week-long intensive course delivered by lecturers from SGH and other CEMS schools with the participation of CEMS Corporate and Social Partners. It may be organised at SGH or in a remote area, depending on the seminar concept. Participation in the seminar is mandatory to all Term 1 students who register for it. Those assigned for the whole term at SGH - both local and incoming - (unless they relocate for another seminar) have to join it. 

Block Seminar description

 In case of sickness or other force majeure case, you may ask your local Programme Manager/Academic Director for permission to take it elsewhere (if it is still possible) or next year. 


Topic: Creative management of innovations

Dates: 19-23 September 2022 

Place: TBC

Lecturer: Joanna Zukrowska

Seminar Fee: TBC 


  1. Block Seminar Course Objectives and Draft Agenda  
  2. Student’s Registration Form with seminar fee payment details (not applicable).  
  3. Fee payment  
  4. Study materials and assignments before the seminar (to be announced and sent in advance) 
  5. Practical Info Booklet  
Term 2: Global Citizenship Seminar

Global Citizenship Seminar is event in a form of CEMS Block Seminar to integrate local and incoming students at the beginning of Term 2. It consists of 

  •  2-day CEMS Block Skill Seminar on „Global Citizenship” that is worth 1 ECTS 
  • Student Event, that could be a conference with the extensive social programme or just student party to be announced in February (depending on the pandemic situation) 

Participation in the Event (Skill Seminar) is mandatory to all Term 2 CEMS students at SGH. 

In case of remote location (outside SGH) participation in the GCS may require a fee up to 100 €. 

In the case of SGH location, the fee may be ca. 50 €. In the case of online classes, there will be no fee. 

Global Citizenship Seminar

 TERM 2 - 2022/2023 

 The GCS seminar will be held in the dates: 4-5 March

Location: online 
Class hours: tba 
Fee: No fee for online classes.  

 Seminar outline 

The Registration Form will be sent out only if classes are organised in physical mode. 

 Since the Global Citizenship Seminar is MANDATORY, please do not plan any other activities/commitments for these two days. 

Term 2: Business Projects

SGH offers variety of Business Projects offered by CEMS and non-CEMS companies in various sectors.  

Business Projects description


The projects will be assigned based on students and company preferences, we will use the scientific allocation service from Corvinus University adjusted to our needs. The system will provide us with optimal and fair allocation solutions satisfying our requirements taking into account students and company preferences.  Company will make their ranking based on students CV (from cems CV Database). Students will make their preferences based on project descriptions provided below. 

 This year we offer 3 Buisness Projects that will be uploaded into CEMS database. The companies that offer projects this year are: 

  • Hilti

  • L’Oreal

  • Siemens Healthineers

 To learn more on the BP guidelines and detailed description of proposed business projects 2023 (that will help you to make your preference), please download and read dedicated

 Any questions related to BP’s should be addressed to Prof. Tomasz Sikora - Business Projects’ Coordinator at SGH. 


 All BP participants are requested to attend both meetings, presence is mandatory. BP Kick-off meeting is held in the first week of semester (end of February) and BP conclusion meeting is held at the end of semester (the beginning of June). Details about exact dates, times and place will be delivered in advance to the students via e-mail. In case of questions or doubts, please contact CEMS Corporate Relations Manager. 

Prof. Tomasz Sikora
SGH Business Projects Coordinator  
+48 501 755 200 
e-mail: tsikora@sgh.waw.pl 

Aneta Szydłowska, MA   
CEMS Corporate Relations Manager at SGH  
Location: room 7, Building A  
Rakowiecka Street 24 
Phone: 22 564 92 13 
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 11.00-13.00  
e-mail: aszydlo@sgh.waw.pl 

Term 3: International Internship






International Internship is an integral part of MIM studies but, unlike other programme components, is not organised by member schools (even if in most cases university units, like career placement centres may assist you or propose such internships). 

This section was designed to provide you with the following information:  

  • Internship validation to learn about basic rules and regulations concerning internship abroad, 
  • Link to CEMS Internship Guide on career services at CEMS schools, 
  • Get some tips on internship contracting, 
  • Learn about useful certificates issued by local CEMS office to assist you in gaining an internship, 
  • Download CEMS Internship Evaluation Form, and 
  • Learn how to get your internship additionally financed from LLP Erasmus Programme. 
  • Internship noticeboard is avilable further on this page, so please read for useful links with internship and job offers. 


International Internship may take place anytime before, during and just after MIM year. This is interpreted in a way that internship must be taken NOT EARLIER THAN AFTER COMPLETING ALL REQUIRED COURSES DURING BACHELOR”S STUDIES. As a rule, it cannot take place during the semester of classes. The internship can take place at CEMS Corporate Partner (preferably) but it may take elsewhere in the World. Since the internship is not actually offered within CEMS MIM programme, it is a student responsibility to find it. Of course, students may get assistance in finding such internship via local Career Placement Offices or by collecting and placing internship offers locally. 

The internship (or employment) must cover a consecutive period of at least:  

  • 10 weeks in the same company for students of 2016/2017 or earlier class, or 
  • 8 weeks in the same company for students of 2017/2018 or later class.  

It has to take place abroad (outside student’s citizenship or outside country of student’s home university or outside country of his/her secondary/bachelor’s education). It has to be at graduate level and should be approved by home institution before start.

Starting from 2013/2014 a.y. International Internship is now called as Term 3, which means some possibility to extend the students status (if the local rules at CEMS school allow) for a period of an internship. One of these terms might be done at home school, which means that Tri-national track students may tak an internship at home school country (or country of citizenship) provided it is an international company. 

 Another flexibility allowed by CEMS is that your internship abroad may be validated even if you are employed by local company, but you will be conducting several at least one-week (optimally two-week) projects abroad (in the same or different locations and for different companies - if these are e.g. consulting projects) that would make a total of 10 or 8 weeks (depending on your class year). Be aware, however, that all these projects must be done within the employment/internship with one, particular company.  Different projects within employment with two or more companies will not be validated. 


In order to learn on career placement services and support in finding internship at all CEMS member schools, please take a look at CEMS Internship Webpage. 

To assist you in that process CEMS HO and Corporate Relations Managers have prepared CEMS Internship Guide that is updated annually. The current brochure is available at above mentioned webpage and in the CEMS Media corner with all CEMS brochures. 



All students who find an internship should: 


Register the internship before its begins via student private zone at www.cems.org (Student Zone left tab and then “International Intership” menu) and then clicking “add an internship” and fill in all fields of the form including the name and email adress of the internship/job supervisor who later will be notified to evaluate the student online, once the internship is completed. 


CEMS Programme Manager will check the infomration provided by you and confirm whether the internship meets CEMS requirements. The student may check the status of his/her internship in the private zone:  

“Pending” means that the internship form have been sent to PM a awaits PM confirmation. 

“Confirmed” means that the internship has been approved by PM and awaits evaluation by internship supervisor. The supervisor will be notified one week prior the end of internship (for internships lasting less than 12 weeks) or one month (for longer internships). The system will also generate reminders. PM may also send the request manually. 

“Validated” - Evaluation has been submitted by internship supervisor by filling it online or by uploading the official company evaluation form (if company, for any reason, does not want to use the CEMS format). 

After evaluation, the student may see part of the evaluation (except questions 20 to 22) or full company evaulation if uploaded separately. Receiving the evaluation finishes the process. 

Detailed information and guides on how to fill internship evaluation online are available at student’s private zone.The student’s Guide n how to register your intenship is available here . 

INTERNSHIP CONTRACT (optional document you may ask for once the internship form on-line receives “confirmed” status) 

Once the internship is approved, the student may sign an internship contract directly with company or also with home university (represented by CEMS Programme Manager at SGH). Internship contract, however, is not required for validation. The sample contract text (that can by modified) one may download from here.  


In some countries (like Germany) interns might be released from some taxes, provided they submit a certificate of enrollment along with a statement, that internship abroad is obligatory part of their study programme. 

To assist you in that process, all interested students should contact CEMS Programme Manager at SGH and ask for such document, providing the coordinator with the following data: 

  • Surname and Name 
  • Date and Place of Birth 
  • Student ID No. 
  • Enrollment Date 
  • Year of studies 
  • Major(s) studied 
  • Expected Graduation Year 

If required they may give a company name and period of internship. 

PAPER-BASED INTERNSHIP EVALUATION FORM (to be used exclusively when online evaluation cannot be conducted - e.g. in case of interships already completed, and the online process is not posible) 

In case you have already completed the internship or have the company evaulation form that meets CEMS requirements, you may send it directly to CEMS Programme Manager for evaluation and validation. It may be also submitted on CEMS Internship Evaluation Form signed by interns supervisor and containing all relevant information. The evaluation must be submitted in original, which is kept in files along with diploma certificate at the end of MIM studies. 

All paper-based Internship evaluation forms MUST BE SIGNED and STAMPED!!! If a company has no stamp, the company must send a confirmation email to verify its authenticity or the form must be accompanied by a business card. 

IMPORTANT: If you have completed the intership, but there is still a possibility to conduct it online, we prefer to proceed with internship evaluation electronically. In case of any doubts or additional questions, please contact Programme Manager. 


We would like to inform you that all students who are going to take an internship abroad that lasts at least 3 months may apply for Erasmus scholarship. All interested students (form Erasmus participating countries) should contact Erasmus Programme Officer or Incoming Students’ Officer at International Centre for further information. 


International Center 
Grzegorz M. Augustyniak, MA 
CEMS Programme Manager at SGH  
Location: room 12 (entrance through room 13), Building A  
Rakowiecka Street 24 
Phone: 22 564 92 48 
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 11.00-13.00  
e-mail: august@sgh.waw.pl 


Student are responsible for finding their own CEMS internship, however here is some helpful information and links to internship and employment offers. 

   SGH Career Placement Centres  
  HigherEd Global Talent Portal
  dedicated CEMS webpages JOB MARKET 
  Student’s guide to JobTeaser

   CEMS Career Forum - very popular way of finding job or internship is to register for Career Forum which takes place once a year in November.

    CEMS Social media groups:

  •      LinkedIn groups for alumni and students – CEMS groups
  •      CEMS Worldwide FB group
  •     CEMS International Development FB group


Below you will find links to webistes and offers with internships:
ABB internship offer
Arla internship offer
Bayer internship offer
Beiersdorf internship offer
E.ON Internship offer
Gartner internship offer
Google internship offer
Google business internship offer
Hilti internships/jobs offer
McKinsey - CEMS International internship
MERCK  internship offer
Munich RE intenship offer
Novo nordisk internship offer
P&G internship offer
Reckitt Benckiser internship offer
Siemens internship offer
Société Générale internship offer
Societe Generale International Internship program
Swiss RE internship offer
UniCredit Intership offer
Whirlpool internship offer
zeb internship offer

Jobted UK
Jobted (internships in Ireland)​
Internship mapper
- internship and job portal for students and graduates


Here we publish information about graduate programmes offered by coporate partners:

ABB – Global trainee Program
Arla – F15 Graduate Programme
Arla - MENA Graduate Programme
AstraZeneca Talent programmes
Bayer Graduate Programmes
Beiersdorf - International Graduate Trainee Program: Beyond Borders
BNP PARIBAS – Graduate Programmes
Coloplast Global Career Opportunities
EF – EF360 Global Management Trainee program
EF Global Finance Program
E.ON – E.ON Graduate Programme, placements, apprenticeships
Hilti – Outperformer – Hilti Global Management Development Program
Kerry – Graduate Development Programme
KONE International Trainee Program (ITP)
GoWithMaersk Graduate Program
MERCK – Goglobal Graduate Program
Novo nordisk – Graduate programmes / Early career programmes
P&G managerial Traineeships
Reckitt Benckiser Graduates opportunities
Société Générale – Graduates programmes
Swiss RE  Graduates@Swiss RE programme
UniCredit Impact Graduate Program /Graduate Programs
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield International Graduate Programme
Whirlpool – Fast Track Management Program (Graduate Program)
Volvo Car Group Graduate Programs
zeb – opportunities for graduates



Term 1 and 2: Skill Seminars


SGH is proud to offer extensive range of skill seminars for CEMS students. They are organised by CEMS corporate partners, CEMS alumni and CEMS Professors. Each semester SGH organises 3 - 8  skill seminars. The skill seminars offer is available on

CEMS Career Center

Skill seminar description 

Additionally, from 2022/2023 SGH offers Skill seminar of Giving:

Registration for skill seminars is done via CEMS Career Center (JobTeaser platform) and on first-come first-served basis. Details about registration can be found in file attached for each skill seminar. Confirmation of registration will be sent after the deadline for each skill seminar. 

Final validation of skill seminars will be based on participants’ list submitted by an instructor and will appear in CEMS database. Students who wish to request to accept as skill seminar training sessions organised by companies outside MIM programme, should submit such request along with seminar certificated and description (including exact duration of such seminar) to CEMS Corporate Relations Manager at SGH. 


According to CEMS MIM rules, students may resign (sending notification to CEMS Programme Manager at SGH) no later than 5 days before the seminar, unless the student may provide valid justification (sickness, accident or other major case). Such cancellation does not involve any sanctions. 

Missing one skill seminar without cancellation or valid justification results in ban on registrations for any skill seminar in the current and next term! In addition, after a ban period, it results in automatic placement of a student in the last order on Waiting List for any skill seminars. Missing two skill seminars without cancellation or valid justification may result in removing the students from CEMS MIM Programme. Please observe these rules in order to avoid such complications in pursuing your CEMS MIM Programme. 

In these uncertain times we should all be prepared for the unexpected inconveniences that may come from the changing situation that may arise in fall this year. This may result in changes regarding our skill seminars from slight i.e. changing the date or hour or the format of the event (to online), to huge measures i.e. cancellation of the skill seminar. Keep this in your mind.  

Aneta Szydłowska, MA   
CEMS Corporate Relations Manager at SGH  
Location: room 7, Building A  
Rakowiecka Street 24 
Phone: 22 564 92 13 
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 11.00-13.00  
e-mail: aszydlo@sgh.waw.pl 


The Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme (SAMP) and Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform (GAMP) are designed to help students in their professional career planning.

SAMP (Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme)
SAMP matches together students and alumni as mentors who can provide support and advice on studies, internships, exchange semesters, applications or career choices. It can also create new friendships and a unique long time relationship among the participants.

SAMP best practices

GAMP (Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform)
Whereas SAMP provides in-person mentoring, the GAMP is an online platform, which facilitates self-matching and allows to make free phone calls to connect with CEMS participants from across the world to provide and receive advice and mentoring from any location.

GAMP platform



Validation of CEMS Terms

Validation of term abroad at SGH 

 Validation of term abroad at SGH for incoming students is based on their performance and must meet the minima stipulated by CEMS, which basically are: 

  •  one mandatory Core course per term   
  • max. 7.5 ECTS can be replaced by Research Project 
  • you may take one Open Elective (course outside the MIM Programme if allowed at host school and if required to your local degree programme) up to 7.5 ECTS 
  • minimum 24 ECTS, and maximum 37.5 ECTS in total to be passed per term, including Core, Electives and Business Project (Term 2 only). 
  • max. 15 ECTS in Electives can be taken after and before CEMS MIM term (subject to approval by local academic director or programme manager). 

After application of all flexibility rules, a student must successfully pass a minimum of 24 ECTS per term, and will be able to credit maximum 37.5 ECTS per term. This includes courses, the Block Seminar, Global Responsible Leadership Seminar, skill seminars and the Business Project.  Credits taken prior to or after the MIM year do not affect this requirement. 

 More details on CEMS requirements you can find at

CEMS Student Guide

 CEMS term / year calculator (tool) 

 In order to assist you in calculating your MIM Term / Year workload, our colleagues in Cologne have developed a simple tool in Excel (modified by us) to calculate your planned/completed programme components. It calculates wheter you reached the minimum or maximum of workload for the term and whether you have completed all required programme components in coursework. If, after applying that tool, you still have doubts, please contact your local programme manager. 

CEMS Term Calculator to download:

 SGH requires from their students to earn 30 ECTS credits per term (or minimum 24 ECTS, provided you have a surplus of SGH credits equal to the difference between 30 ECTS and the number of ECTS actually taken abroad), so on top of CEMS MIM they might be required to take a couple of other courses as well. After each semester validations of term abroad are issued and sent to the programme manager. 

 Transfer of SGH grades into CEMS database

 CEMS Office at SGH does not have access to your exam protocols. That is why all CEMS students, who have spent their term at SGH are kindly requested to send a Print Screen of your Virtual Dean’s Office page with a list of courses taken and grades obtained to CEMS Programme Manager at SGH! 

Validation of term abroad for SGH STUDENT (outside country of Bachelor’s studies and home university) 

 In order to validate a semester abroad, SGH student must earn abroad minimum 30 ECTS and not less than 25 ECTS if they have a surplus of credits at SGH from previous semesters. All students who are qualified to study a term abroad must fulfil local requirements and submit necessary documents including Learning Agreement and a special Term Abroad Request Form (Skierowanie na wyjazd za granicę). 

Upon permission of CEMS Programme Manager at SGH or Academic Director, students may spend both terms abroad (trinational track) provided one of these terms takes place in Europe. 

 SGH Grading system and its conversion into ECTS grading scale/table, you will find here (link) 



2022 CEMS GRADUATION - Cairo - 3 December 2022

2021 CEMS GRADUATION - cancelled

SGH CEMS local graduation on 2 October 2021 and 9 April 2022

2020 CEMS Graduation - cancelled


 This year graduation will be held in Vienna, hosted by WU - Vienna University of Ecoomics and Business. The exact date of Graduation Ceremony is Saturday, 30 November 2019. Please plan ahead your days off and fligths in order to be there! 

 All students who complete their MIM year and fulfill all or most programme components (so they expect to graduate from CEMS MIM in the given year) must inform their local programme manager in advance in July. Those who have still some components to complete (like language test, final exam-thesis, internship abroad) should also do so. The process of collecting data on potential graduants is divided into two stages: Early Graduants and Regular Graduants. 


 Early Graduants are CEMS students who have already completed the programme, or will complete it by mid-May 2018. Such students are obliged to contact PM with their declaration of graduation by 27 May 2019. Based on that declaration, completed documents and prepared draft certificates, CEMS HO will conduct certificate checking. Based on successful verirfication, students will get a status of CEMS Graduants and will be able to register for CEMS Graduation Ceremony 


 Regular Graduants are CEMS students who have completed the programme, or plan complete it by 9 November 2019 the latest. Such students are obliged to: 


1) Submit their initial willingnes to graduate this year by 27 May 2019  

2) Confirm their willingness to graduate this year by 9 September 2019 

3) Complete all programme components and submit required documents by 9 November 2019 


Based on information placed in CEMS data base, the manager prepares a draft certificate that is sent to CEMS Head Office for verification. PM must submit all draft certificates by 27 September 2019 


 In case you are just expecting thesis defence, or you are in progress of internship or just took language tests and await results, please do the same except the fact that you will submit documents (statement on your successful defense or internship evaluation form in original, on-line language tests results) immediately after completing the given component. If everything is fine, I will notify you that you can graduate. Others will have to cancel their registration for Graduation Ceremony and Dinner. 


In order to graduate in 2019, all programme components, should be completed by the end of October with the exception of SGH graduation date that should be no later than  9 November 2019. Another exception is an internship that must begin no later than on 16 September 2019 (in case of 8-week internship requirement) or 2 September 2019 (for those who has to take at least 10-week long internship)  and a finishing date (as stated on the evaluation form), cannot be later than 9 November 2019. In case of internship, evaluation form must be submitted on the final date in a form of scan followed by the original to be mailed to PM immediately after this date. 

 If everything is fine (the final exam is passed, language test results are positive, the internship evaluation reaches our office), student may confirm his/her participation in the Annual Events. 


 Deadline for registration of graduants to Annual Events is 10 November 2019 (end of the day) !!! . NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED!!! 

 Certificates are issued just before graduation, but the originals are sent to the Programme Managers usually just before Christmas. Once they reach the office, all graduates may contact local programme manager and visit his/her office to pick up the original diploma and the certificate. We are alos officially handing them in during the CEMS Graduation Ceremony at SGH accompanied by the Farewell Meeting for Term 1 students usually between 18-20 December. The exact date will be announced before the begining of Term 1. 

 Registration for Annual Events is conducted via CEMS Website and usually starts in May or June. 



 You have to graduate within 18 months after graduating from SGH. In order to extend it, you have to contact CEMS Programme Manager and submit a request with justification (postponed graduation at home school, internship on the way, force majeure, etc.). FOr example, a studnet who has graduated from SGH in June 2018, should graduate form CEMS in 2019. Those who graduated eariler must apply for the extension. 

 However, you can’t prolong it for ages. Actually, you have to graduate from SGH within 5 years after completing your CEMS MIM year with possibility to extend this period in justified cases following the student’s request to the CEMS Graduation Committee. For example, all students of class 2013/2014, who will not graduate in 2019 will be DELETED from the programme! 


CEMS Academic Director at SGH 
Prof. Mirosław Jarosiński, PhD 
e-mail: cems@sgh.waw.pl

International Center
Grzegorz M. Augustyniak, MA
CEMS Programme Manager at SGH 
Location: room 12 (entrance through room 13), Building A 
Rakowiecka Street 24
Phone: 22 564 92 48
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 11.00-13.00 
e-mail: cems@sgh.waw.pl

Aneta Szydłowska, MA  
CEMS Corporate Relations Manager at SGH 
Location: room 7, Building A 
Rakowiecka Street 24
Phone: 22 564 92 13
Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 11.00-13.00 
e-mail: cems@sgh.waw.pl