Teamwork in MS Teams

MS Teams application is a platform for online classes and exams, webinars and conversations. The application is available in the SGH Cloud. Thanks to MS Teams you can schedule online meetings, create teams and tasks and edit files in one place.

Login and access

You can use the application on the device or in the browser.

To login to MS Teams you can use the SGH e-mail address and password. You have to write the full e-mail address with the correct domain:

  • Employees and co-workers -
  • Students  -
  • PhD students -
  • Alumni - 
 Download MS Teams

To download MS Teams application you can use a link below:

Limits and specifications

Information about system requirements, limits and specifications you can find on the website:

Training materials

We encourage you to check out the materials prepared by Microsoft, which contain instructions and short training videos in English.

Links to materials and videos are on the websites below:

Live events

Microsoft Teams live events are an extension of Teams meetings that enable you to schedule and produce events that stream to large online audiences.

Users with SGH account have the option to create a live event in the MS Teams calendar. You can create a live event yourself for users within SGH organisation.

If your live event should be transmitted for non-SGH users, you have to contact Promotion Office ( to schedule a meeting.

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