Statistica is a program of advanced data analysis. It supports the calculation of all descriptive statistics in general use. It is an integrated system enabling cross-sectional analysis and the study of correlations between variables. The available functionalities are of much assistance when working with statistical data.

The software is available in Polish or English. An Internet connection is needed in order to register the software during installation. Please remember to provide your SGH domain e-mail address in the registration form. It will not be possible to finish the installation if you provide a private address.

To gain access to the software:

  1. Enter the Software website
  2. Open the STATISTICA tab and select folder with the appropriate version of the program
  3. Save all files from the folder. The downloaded software will be saved to an .iso file image
  4. Burn an installation DVD using Nero or other software or use Windows 10 .iso reading functionalities
  5. Licence codes are available on Software website

NOTE: The IT Solutions Support Team does not provide assistance with Statistica installation. It is only responsible for providing the software.

Information Technology and Infrastructure Centre
IT Support Team

Rakowiecka 22B, building B (Library), room 1
phone: 22 564 6464