Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

This provides access to Microsoft developer tools, software and services. It is a set of design and programming tools.

The SGH has an MSDNAA licence for Microsoft software. This enables operating systems and certain tools to be used on home computers for educational purposes free of charge (non-profit). Commercial use is not allowed. This offer is for first- and second-cycle intra- and extramural students, doctoral (third-cycle) students, postgraduate students, and SGH employees.

The licence includes without limitation operating systems such as:

  • Windows 10 Education (PL / ENG) and other Microsoft software, such as:
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 (PL / ENG)
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2019 (PL / ENG)
  • Microsoft Access 2019 (PL / ENG)

The licence does not include Office (save for Ms Access). Office can be downloaded under the university’s o365 licence.

The software can be downloaded on your own as ISO files. Those who want to use this software must have a computer with a CD or DVD burner or an optical drive emulator.

Logging in is by e-mail address:

How to get access to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching??

  1. Go to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching website and select “Sign in”
  2. Thereafter log in using the e-mail address and password for your SGH account
  3. After successful logging in, select the Software tab and find the product you seek

Please sent questions relating to problems with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching to

The IT Solutions Support Team does not provide assistance with Microsoft software installation on private devices and is only responsible for providing the software.

Information Technology and Infrastructure Centre
IT Support Team

Rakowiecka 22B, building B (Library), room 1
phone: 22 564 6464