Forms of classes at SGH

On-site classes/online classes in MS Teams

SGH lecturers conduct regular on-site classes in SGH buildings. During the pandemic, the classes are delivered online via MS Teams.

These classes are complemented by activities on the e-SGH e-learning platform and on Niezbędnik e-sgh, which is part of that platform (more information below).

Niezbędnik e-sgh

Niezbędnik e-sgh is a part of the e-learning platform which allows SGH lecturers to self-manage didactic materials. The application supports lecturers in delivering classes as well as enables them to communicate with their students. Niezbędnik provides some useful and user-friendly tools, such as Discussion Forum, Assessment Folder, Mail and Tests. The application is available both in English or Polish language version.

The items that can be placed at an educational site are the following: a course syllabus,
files with an additional lecture content or activities to be done, links to external web resources, exam results.

To receive the access to the course website of a particular teacher, please use the link provided by the teacher in the classroom.

Obligatory e-learning trainings

The first semester students of first-degree and second-degree studies at SGH are obligated to accomplish three e-learning workshops:

  • Occupational Health Safety Training (BHP),
  • Library Training,
  • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Protection Training.

The participants of first semester doctoral studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, are required to pass only e-learning Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Protection training.

Students have an access to trainings on the e-sgh platform with the provision of album’s number and e-mail address in the domain

Trainings are obligatory and free. In case trainings are not completed the student will not be granted credit for the first semester.

The students who have graduated from the first-degree studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and accomplished all three above mentioned trainings - do not need to take the trainings again. The students who have graduated from the first-degree studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and did not accomplish some of mentioned training during the Bachelors Studies, are obligated to accomplish this training at I semester of Master Studies. Also participant of Doctoral Studies who accomplished Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Protection training during the lower level studies at SGH - do not need to take the workshop again.

Online lectures

SGH full-time or extramural students can choose from more than 70 online courses. Online lectures are organized on the e-learning authoring platforms, which are used by several thousand users.

Educational programme at SGH includes more than 50 online lectures for bachelor and master’s programme students. Those courses cover almost all major areas of economic education. Online lectures are conducted at the e-learning platform – a platform for SGH students, accessible in Polish and English language version.

Participants of online lecture meet their lecturer at e-learning platform and study there a content of the modules, complete the tasks, watch educational films or take part in discussion on forum or chat. They meet face to face only at the end of semester to pass their exam.

Blended learning lectures

Educational programme at SGH includes a few blended learning courses organized for extramural students. These mixed courses are a combination of traditional classes (on the campus) and online activities at e-sgh platform.

The students, who are registered for blended learning lectures in the Virtual Dean’s Office, automatically get the access to the chosen courses by e-sgh platform at the begining of each semester. To start online lecture, student should simply log into the e-sgh with the use of SGH login and password.

Supplementary materials

The majority of basic courses at SGH is supplemented by the online modules accessible for students at e-sgh platform (only in Polish language). The content of those modules extend the study programme of the basic courses for extramural studies as an independent working hours for students under the supervision of a teacher.

For full-time students supplementary online modules for basic courses can be taken as an optional.

All first semester students of SGH receive an access to the supplementary materials for basic courses at e-sgh platform during realization of obligatory e-learning workshops.

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