SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) is a software suite for basic and advanced statistical analyses and research and business problem solving, e.g., relating to market research. The program provides assistance with statistical description preparation and hypothesis testing and also contains an extensive range of regression and prediction analyses.

PS IMAGO for Windows oraz SPSS for MacBook

To gain access to the software:

  1. Enter the Software page
  2. Open the [SPSS] folder
  3. Open the [WINDOWS] folder for the Windows version or the [MAC_OS] folder if downloading the MacBook version
  4. Save the files from the folder. The downloaded software will be saved to an .iso file image
  5. Burn an installation DVD using Nero or other software or use Windows 10 .iso reading functionalities
  6. Install the software according to Instructions available on Predictive Solutions’ website
  7. To obtain the licence code, log into admin.sgh.waw.pl/konto and enter the “Licence” tab.

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