Adaptation days

Adaptation Days is a project designed for those students who have just started their study programme at SGH. Adaptation Days is a joint initiative of the SGH Authorities and the Students' Union of SGH. The event is organised regularly before the beginning of each new academic year.

The primary aim of Adaptation Days is to familiarise first-year students with SGH and its rules. The programme includes carefully prepared lectures, intended to clarify potential issues and doubts related to studying at SGH.

During Adaptation Days, new students will learn about the structure of the university and its bylaws, and they will also find out how to use the SGH intranet, mail and mobile apps, what kind of benefits they can get with their student ID, and how to use undergraduate groups and subject-focused groups on Facebook.

Adaptation Days participants can also meet members of the business community at workshops organised by SGH Corporate Partners and explore the opportunities offered by Student Research Groups and organisations operating at SGH.

Adaptation Days are not only about providing “dry” facts and information. They are also designed to integrate new students into the SGH community.

Adaptation Days 2022

Dear Bachelor Students!

We would like to invite you to the SGH Adaptation Days, which will be held on September 29-30, 2022. We are keen for you to feel at ease from October 1 and be able to say with confidence that you are part of SGH. 

The first day will be devoted to all aspects of studying at our university. You will get acquainted with the university regulations and learn about its structure, and the terms “framework study plan”, “syllabus” or “rector’s hours” will cease to be a mystery to you. On that day you will also be able to take advantage of a specially prepared guided tour of the G building, which will certainly prevent you from getting lost while running to the first lectures. 

On the second day, you’ll be able to listen to lectures about student life, learn how to use the SGH network, mail and mobile apps, what possibilities your student ID card offers, and how to use undergraduate and subject groups on Facebook. On that day, we will also get into the details of the operation and activities of the Student’s Union. Parachute Hall (and more) will then be occupied by Student Study Groups and organizations, which will talk about their activities at SGH.

Adaptation Days will answer all your questions and concerns. We will do our best to help you find your way in the university reality and confidently begin your studies at our Alma Mater.

See you soon!
Adaptation Days 2022 Team

Students’ Union
al. Niepodległości 162 / 2G
02-554 Warszawa