Young Researcher

The “Young SGH Researcher” programme is a prestigious and comprehensive programme for scientific growth of students of SGH Warsaw School of Economics. It allows for making the first attempts of research activities by talented students already during the studies, in cooperation and under the supervision of experienced researchers from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. The goal of the programme is to develop the knowledge and methodological skills that are necessary for performance of scientific research. The programme is an introduction to the future academic career and an innovative proposal for acquiring several new professional competences and experience in the area of project performance and preparation of academic publications. The programme is cyclical, a call for the next edition is announced every year.


The following students of SGH Warsaw School of Economics can take part in the programme:

  • third year first cycle study programme students intending to continue education at SGH Warsaw School of Economics,
  • first year students of second cycle study programme.

Terms of participation

One of the conditions precedent for joining the programme is the student to find/ designate/ specify a person (academic teacher holding the doctoral degree as a minimum) who is going to act as the research counsellor during the programme. The tasks of the research counsellor include, among others: organisation of cyclical meetings with the programme participants, supervision over the tasks performed by the student or consultations of the content of the publication prepared during the programme.

In the submitted applications, the students indicate, among others, the course of education at SGH Warsaw School of Economics with special attention given to their accomplishments, as well as determine the area of research interests. One of the requirements is also indication by the candidate of the selected research counsellor - an academic teacher holding the doctoral degree as a minimum, with whom the candidate will cooperate during the performance of the entrusted tasks.

A specially appointed recruitment committee evaluates the applications with respect to formal and substance-related aspects. Credits are given for the amount of cumulative weighted average, publications, as well as out-of-School activities and research expertise presented on the basis of an excerpt from or the entire bachelor’s thesis. More information about the terms of participation is presented in the rules and regulations of the programme.

The programme comprises three task areas

  • Publications

The participant prepares an academic publication independently or in co-authorship. The subject matter of the publication can be suggested by the programme participant, in line with his/ her area of interest.

The work in the area of publication ends with publication of a monographic study comprising papers of participants of a given programme edition.

  • CETT

This area consists in direct support for the project team operating as part of the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer in performance of tasks forming a part of a specific business and research project.

  • Area of support for the research team’s work (Research Assistant area)

Refers to direct support for the research team conducting scientific and research activities at SGH Warsaw School of Economics in performance of tasks pertaining to a specific research project.

All three areas are mandatory.

Why is it worthwhile?

The “Young SGH Researcher” is a programme that is unique in the scale of the country and that comprehensively supports scientific development of students, allowing them to start scientific activities already during the studies. It fosters acquisition of knowledge, strengthens key competence that persons interested in scientific and research career should have and offers an insight to best practice under the supervision of the experienced academic teachers of SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

In the upcoming third edition of the programme, the participants will be able to take part in numerous workshops and seminars devoted to the following subjects: how to prepare a good academic paper? Structure, types, sharing. Where to present study results? Journals, conferences, academic websites; How to efficiently perform academic research? What does a reviewer of an academic paper focus on? Meeting with a reviewer. Which doctoral studies to choose? Presentation of the SGH Doctoral School: how to apply for scholarship and grants? Review of possibilities, composing an application.

It is worth adding that  the programme participant receives pay on the basis of a civil law contract for the work in individual task areas, in line with the terms specified in the rules and regulations.

Two editions of the programme have been organised to-date. They were attended by twenty SGH students and their research counsellors.

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