Special reports

“Catch-Up Index − Social Development in Poland Compared to Other EU States”

When can Poland catch up with developed European countries in terms of social life? Or is it already taking place? In what areas? Where does Poland compare favourably, and where does it still need to catch up? These and other questions are answered in a report compiled by experts from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, entitled “Catch-Up Index − Social Development in Poland Compared to other EU States”, presented on 7 September in the SGH Zone at the 31st Economic Forum in Karpacz.

Monograph “Poland’s economic cooperation with the Arab States”

The purpose of this monograph is to assess the level of cooperation between Poland and the Arab states, with a particular focus on foreign direct investment, trade, and cultural conditions, as well as to compare the competitiveness and innovation performance of the countries concerned and the experiences of Polish enterprises operating in the Arab markets.

The monograph was presented during the Polish-Arab Economic Forum at Expo2020 Dubai.