Funding of scientific activities for doctoral students at the SGH Doctoral School

Funding may be granted to doctoral students who fulfill their obligations under the regulations of the Doctoral School at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and the Training Program at the SGH Doctoral School.

Financial support for publications accepted for printing

To apply for funding for publications, a request must be submitted to the Dean of the Doctoral School along with documents confirming the acceptance of the publication for printing, a cost calculation for publication, and a statement from the supervisor confirming the publication’s compliance with the SGH Research Ethics. Funding for language editing (proofreading) for journals with a minimum score of 70 points is also possible. The Dean of the Doctoral School makes decisions on the allocation of funds. Applications can be submitted throughout the year as needs arise.

Participation in conferences

Participation in conferences with a presentation is funded according to the following hierarchy:

Priority is given to participation in international conferences abroad with a presentation. Secondarily, national conferences (even with international scope) with a presentation are funded based on available funds. Participation in conferences without presentations is not funded.

To obtain funds, a request must be submitted to the Dean of the Doctoral School along with documents confirming the acceptance of the presentation at the conference, the program, and the planned budget. The application should be endorsed by the supervisor(s) and include confirmation that participation in the conference is related to the implementation of the Individual Research Plan of the doctoral student.

After receiving the Dean’s approval for funding the conference expenses, an employee of the Doctoral School Office submits the relevant application in the workflow system (the application must be accepted by the university’s administrative authorities). Subsequently, the doctoral student signs the agreement with attachments. Invoices (originals) issued to SGH are attached to the agreement.

In the case of participation in a foreign conference, the doctoral student also completes an application for international travel.

Empirical research

Funds for research are distributed through a competitive process regulated by a separate set of rules. These funds can be obtained once a calendar year.

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