The general academic profile

The general academic profile is addressed to holders of a master’s degree or an equivalent one; also in exceptional cases, justified by the highest quality of their scientific achievements, candidates who hold the bachelor diploma or students who have completed the third year of uniform master's studies, in particular beneficiaries of research projects financed by external institutions (such as National Science Centre, National Centre for Research and Development, Ministry of Science and Higher Education) or a research project implemented at the Warsaw School of Economics under the "Diamond Grant" programme.

The curriculum at the general academic profile

The curriculum at the Doctoral School is delivered in three fields, in the four programs:

  • Economics and Finance with the specialization in Economics,
  • Economics and Finance with the specialization in Finance,
  • Political and Administration Sciences,
  • Management and Quality Sciences.
The framework curricula of the programs

About the general academic profile

The curriculum at the Doctoral School includes the following courses:

A. Common courses:  62 hours:

  1. Scientific writing and publishing,
  2. Researcher’s workshop,
  3. Workshop on research methodology (adapted to the specifics of the discipline),
  4. Philosophy of science,
  5. Ethics in science.

B. Major courses (recommended 2 – 4 courses)  (120 hours).
C. Minor (suporting) courses  (90  hours).
D.  Scientific seminar (organised separately for each curriculum) — 60 hours.
E. Doctoral Seminar ( 120 hours).

General academic profile – 452 hours in total.

The study in the PhD Doctoral School covers curriculum study and implementation of the Individual Research Plan (mandatory) (IPB) - prepared by the doctoral candidate in consultation with the supervisor(s) and the assistant supervisor, if appointed.

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