Electronic Student Card (ID Card)

Every undergraduate and graduate student receives an Electronic Student Card.

The Card features the student’s full name, photograph and an individual card number.

The Card is a document that identifies the student in the following SGH systems:

  • The Aleph Library catalogue – The Card is the only document which enables students to use the SGH Library. With the Electronic Student Card, students can use the Aleph system to check things such as current book loans or deadlines for returning books. They can also extend the deadline or check the history of their library loans.
  • Central Printing System – Multifunctional devices located at SGH that enable students to print, copy, scan and send documents.

The Electronic Student Card can also be used as a Warsaw City Card (for coding public transport tickets etc.).

Collecting and prolonging the validity of your student card 

Undergraduate Studies

From 6th of September 2021 students can prolong the validity of the student card. Students, who began studies in academic year 2020/2021 can also collect the student card. Collecting and prolonging the validity of the student cards  will be able after setting the appointment.

Students who start studies in academic year 2021/2022 will be able to collect student card on 27-30.09.2021 between 10.00 a.m. and 2 p.m. in room 12 (ground floor in building G).

Students, who already finished the spring semester 2020/2021 and paid all required fees (including the fee for winter semester 2021/2022) will receive student card extension until 31st of March 2022.

The whole process will be organized with fulfillng the sanitary precautions, so please follow the rules: hand disinfection, to the Dean’s office we invite only and exclusively in masks.

Please adhere to sign-up times, as those who don’t show up at the designated time will not be served.

To collect the student card printed confirmation of payment of 22 PLN is required.​ It must be done in PLN into the individual account in PLN, visible in the Virtual Dean’s Office or USOSweb (PLN account for didactics). Title of the payment: name, last name, student number. 

The student’s card will be issued after settling all the obligatory payments.

Graduate Studies

To collect the student card printed confirmation of payment of 22 PLN is required.​ It must be done in PLN into the individual account in PLN, visible in the Virtual Dean’s Office or USOSweb (PLN account for didactics).

The payment for Student ID card in the  2023/2024  is 22 PLN. Instruction for the payment: individual account no. in your USOSweb with the note: I semester of studies [major/type]* of II cycle, title: Student ID card [student’s number].
*choose the major: IB, FA, GLO, ADA or type: Double Degree, Erasmus, QEM

You can pick up your student card during Graduate Studies Service Hours

Confirmation of payment can be found in USOS.


If your card gets lost, your must immediately block it. You can block your card after logging in to the account management system and selecting the ‘Disable lost ID card’ tab. Alternatively, you can block your card in person by contacting the IT Support Team. 

If your student card is lost or destroyed, you are obliged to apply for a duplicate at your respective Dean’s Office. In order to do this, you must submit an application in USOSweb, requesting a duplicate, and make a payment of PLN 33 to your individual student’s account number.  

The waiting time for a duplicate student card is approximately two weeks.


Undergraduate and graduate students with a valid Electronic Student Card and a PESEL number can activate their mCard (Polish: mLegitimacja) in their mobile phones. In order to activate it, you need to set up and confirm a Trusted Profile, download and install the mObywatel app on your phone and order your mCard (QR code) in USOSweb in the ‘For Students’ tab.

Student mCard (i.e. your student card in your mobile phone) works just like the traditional document. By displaying it on a smartphone screen, you can confirm your student status and use discounts and exemptions. Authorised persons will use the mWeryfikator app to confirm your data (check your first name and surname, view the photo from your document, check validity of our student mCard).

Each time you renew your Electronic Student Card, you must order a new mCard.