Printing and scanning - Central Printing System

The Central Printing System integrates all multifunctional devices at SGH delivered under the contract into a uniform print management system. The delivered devices allow you to print, copy, scan.

Central Print uses a follow me printing solution, which allows users to print documents on any device connected to the Central Printing system. Just send your document to the print queue and authenticate to any MFP. Documents sent for printing await printing 24 hours from sending them to the server.

Additionally, a mobile printing option is available, which allows you to send files for printing via email or CWS website.

Sending files for printing by e-mail

Documents for the Central Printing queue can be sent by e-mail from SGH mailbox to the following e-mail address:

When sending a message with an attachment, the e-mail attachment will be printed. If the message is sent without attachment, the system will print the content of the email.

Due to the necessity to ensure user identification, the mobile print function works only by sending files from e-mail addresses in the SGH domain.

Sending files for printing via website

Through this page, the user can view the queue of files sent to the Central Printing system, add and delete them.

Printing from the computer using CW drivers

Central Printing system is used to send documents to the print queue for CW devices from computers connected to the SGH wired network. It works like a regular network printer connected to a computer - if you want to print a document, e.g. from Word, select “Print …”, and then the printer: “Print_BW to cws” or “Print_Color to cws”, sending it this way for printing. Computers in the SGH domain have CW device drivers installed by default.

CW payments (for students, PhD students)

CW payments allow you to print and copy on CW devices, while scanning is for free.

Attention! When using a WiFi wireless network (at home or university), you can use CW after connecting to a VPN. 

Price list is provided in documents below:

Print queue preview

After signing into this website

With the login to the SGH account and the current password, you gain access to the Central Printing dashboard.


In the corridors of the university buildings there are mainly color devices, in a very few cases there are black and white devices. Please take this information into account when printing. All devices are monitored.

The location of the devices with a description can be found on the following building maps: 

User’s guide to CW devices

Central Printing devices have control panels. You can find the user guide for the MFPs and the control panel functions here:

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