SGH faculty

SGH employs a total of over 1,300 faculty and staff, including more than 800 research staff, research & teaching staff and teaching staff.
  • A significant proportion of the staff are SGH alumni, who, after graduation, decided to pursue an academic or professional career within the structures of our university. To date, doctoral degrees in Economic Sciences have been awarded to approx. 3,100 people, while advanced research degrees (habilitation) have been earned by more than 770 people.
  • As of 31 December 2022, SGH employed 73 full professors, 206 associate professors, 363 assistant professors, 74 senior lecturers and 93 other faculty members.
  • The SGH faculty include eminent representatives of the academia, who often combine research activity with business practice and work in high offices in central and local government administration bodies, non-governmental institutions and international organisations. 
  • Members of the SGH faculty receive awards in prestigious competitions for their outstanding academic, organisational and teaching achievements. Among them are also laureates of prestigious scientific grants, e.g. from the National Science Centre (NCN) and National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) in Poland. Some carry out international projects, e.g. under the Jean Monnet Programme.
  • Researchers affiliated at SGH publish in the most respected Polish and international scientific journals (also listed in Scopus and Web of Science databases and with a high Impact Factor), and they also publish numerous original monographs. They also serve as members of programming boards and editorial committees of many renowned journals.
  • Research and teaching projects at SGH are carried out with participation of, or in close collaboration with, researchers from other countries, including visiting lecturers hosted by SGH under inter-university agreements and international projects such as Erasmus +. Our university is continually enhancing the international dimension of its education and network.
  • SGH faculty engage in continuous development of their professional competences, whether in connection with academic promotions or through continuous methodological support in the field of modern education. They participate in numerous external methodological courses in Poland and abroad, whereas a dedicated unit, SGH Centre for Open Education, supports them in developing modern teaching competences.

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