OneDrive allows you to store text, video and photo files in one place. Thanks to the fact that the files are in the Cloud, user has access to them from any device connected to the Internet and files are protected against data loss from a data medium. It is also possible to share files or collaborate on them with others in real time.

What is OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud space for storing various types of files (text, video, photos) with a capacity of 5 TB.


  • access from any computer / device
  • protection against data loss
  • easy sharing to other users 
  • real-time collaboration

Where to find OneDrive app

OneDrive application can be found after logging in on this website:

OneDrive menu

In the basic view, visible after logging in, the most important options are described in the screenshot below:

Opis najważniejszych funkcji w menu Onedrive screen 2021

1. All files stored on OneDrive

2. These are recently modified documents on OneDrive

3. All files that we have been granted an access to and files we have shared with others

4. Documents deleted from OneDrive

5. Option to create a new file / folder in OneDrive

6. Option to upload files / folders from computer to OneDrive

7. Option to connect (sync) files available on OneDrive with local computer

Adding files from your computer to Onedrive

To upload files to the SGH Cloud, you can use the Upload option. You can send a single file or an entire folder.

Przekazywanie nowych plików na dysk OneDrive screen 2021
OneDrive file sharing

Files stored in OneDrive can be shared with other people, in order to collaboration with other people at the same time.
To share a file or folder:

1. Select file or folder and select Share button.

Przycisk udostępnienia zaznaczonego pliku screen 2021


2. If the shared file / folder will be available for editing, select the appropriate option.

Możliwość edycji udostępnionego pliku w OneDrive screen 2021
OneDrive sync

Placing new documents and accessing them is even easier while using a Synchronize option.

Opcja synchronizacji plików z dysku onedrive na komputer screen 2021

Thanks to synchronization, you will have access to documents on OneDrive directly from a folder in Windows explorer. The content of synchronized folders will be constantly updated (Internet connection required). If a new file or folder will be added to the site, it will automatically appear in synced folder on your computer.

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