Work, meeting and learning premises

The students of SGH Warsaw School of Economics can make use of five premises and teamwork areas at the disposal of the School.

Co-working space at the Library of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Przestrzeń coworkingowa w Bibliotece SGH

Accenture, a member of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics Partner Club, designed a modern and functional co-working space in the library, covering almost 180 square metres. Its interior design arrangements aim to re-create the work conditions in the seats of new technology leaders as closely as possible. 

The design prepared by Trzop Architekci combines modern, lively aesthetics with stylish and historical interiors of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. The renovation of the area resulted in multi-functional premises separated into two zones: for group and individual work and an event section. Bookcases, cabinets, boards and screens, along with decorative elements and plants were used as partitions. Such solutions provide the students with both privacy and access to the necessary hardware. The open space stimulates communication and exchange of thought which, in turn, boosts creativity.

317G Co-working Space

Przestrzeń coworkingowa 317G

The 317 room is equipped with a large screen, a projector, a white board and other useful aids that greatly facilitate presentations pertaining to the undertaken activities. This is an excellent venue to analyse and to report on the collected results.

There is no better space to work on the development of a start-up. The 317G room is the outcome of cooperation between SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the Millennium Bank; the designer’s idea was to set up a centre where ideas for own innovative projects will be born. 

To apply for the possibility of using the space, complete an application form.

Santander Universidades Networking Room

Przestrzeń konferencyjno-coworkingowa dla studentów MBA i absolwentów SGH

The Networking Room of the Santander Universidades Relations Office is located on the first floor of Building A. It is intended for student self-government bodies, student research clubs, student organisations and active students. Students can use this room between lectures, play on the gaming console, use it for silent study or to hold a meeting. The Santander Universidades team also offers support in the organisation of events.

Students who want to use the Networking Room must make a reservation in advance.

Co-working space at the Sabinki Student Dormitory

Przestrzeń coworkingowa DS Sabinki

The co-working space at the Sabinki Student Dormitory is divided into three areas: conference, co-working and the creative work zone; it offers premises fulfilling the needs of every form of project meetings.

The conference part is equipped with a large television set where presentations or other necessary graphic works can be displayed. There is a board on the wall to put down most important aspects of a meeting, to present ideas or to distribute tasks.

The co-working space includes fold-out desks placed on both sides of the room. Above them, there are chalkboards where suggestions and ideas can be written. Thanks to the modern design, the furniture can be folded and after rearranging the chairs, the room becomes a convenient space for focus groups or an ordinary discussion. A coffee machine was placed here for the students’ convenience.

The specially designed space for creative work allows for convenient - with the use of armchairs and pouffes - integration of a team during joint work. There is also a screen, a chalkboard and desks. Recent magazines devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship are delivered here regularly.

To apply for the possibility of using the space, complete an application form.

Brainstorm Station

Punkt Burzy Mózgów

Specially designed open space encourages exchange of ideas and commencement of talks which, in effect, may contribute to the creation of new or improvement of existing initiatives. The Brainstorm Station is available without registration on the second floor of the main building, next to the seat of the SGH Gazette. 

Henkel Mobile Offices

Mobilne biura Henkel

Mobile offices from the Partner of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Henkel, are red, semi-open booths placed at the opposite ends of the first floor in the main building.

The booths are an excellent place for holding key discussions, including negotiations, due to their sound-absorbing properties. Conversations remain confidential, and their participants can focus on the discussed subject. Work in this place is also facilitated by the possibility of connecting the technology that is currently used to the sockets. Students can use regulated light, especially useful in the evenings.

Mobile offices can be used during opening hours of the School. Booking is not required: the principle of first come first served is applicable.