Academic Tutoring – SGH Shapes Leaders

SGH Warsaw School of Economics has been offering a series of classes called “Academic Tutoring - SGH Shapes Leaders” to its best students for a couple of years. Tutoring is an individual form of education intended for students of first and second cycle study programmes who are distinguished by ambition, engagement, activity and academic results. 

The purpose of academic tutoring is a student’s intellectual development and in particular support in the formation of his/ her educational path. Tutoring realises the mission statement of SGH Warsaw School of Economics: “SGH Shapes Leaders.”

  • tutoring is an elitist programme, addressed to students intent on self-study, who wish to acquire knowledge that exceeds the formalised curriculum at a given study direction,
  • tutoring relies on the mentor-protégé relationship and the principles of partnership and responsibility of its participants,
  • tutoring encompasses cyclical meetings (the so-called tutorials) of a selected, experienced academic teacher (tutor) with 2 - 3 students. There are approx. 8 - 10 meetings (tutorials) in a semester, each of them between 45 and 60 minutes;,
  • the meetings are intended for discussions about the required reading significant for further development of scientific and professional interests of students, as well as for joint research projects, due to the fact that learning via participation in research projects devoted to economic and social issues and processes is an important element of the tutoring system; 
  • tutoring allows for developing skills such as independent acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, self-awareness, application of the acquired knowledge (analysis, conclusion drawing, interpretation of sources, essay writing skills), as well as its transfer (art of communication),
  • tutoring is credited without the final grade (similarly to the diploma seminar) and student receives 3 ECTS for the tutoring,
  • an academic teacher who acts as a tutor is entitled to ten hours of the teaching load.

A student/ participant of academic tutoring receives:

  • possibility of pursuing academic and professional interests,
  • support in the formation of his/ her educational path,
  • possibility of acquiring experience in research projects,
  • participation in meetings and discussions with interesting people,
  • social competence necessary in every type of work and profession.

Registration for classes

Starting from the third semester of bachelor’s studies and the second semester of master’s studies the students may, when submitting the declaration, select the tutor among the academic teachers offering such classes (cf. Virtual Dean’s Office: reference Nos. of classes: 170000; 270000 and 270001). One tutor may supervise up to three students and the student’s grade average determines his/ her eligibility for the tutoring (not lower than 4.0).

It is also possible to suggest a lecturer from outside of the list as the tutor.  The intention to take part in the academic tutoring along with indication of the tutor’s name and description of own accomplishments and interests are to be sent to the tutoring coordinator’s e-mail address by 30 November or 31 May of a given academic year.
Information about academic interests of tutors is available on the websites of their institutes/ faculties as well as in the Virtual Dean’s Office – Guidebook (current edition).

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