This is a software package designed for scientific and technical computing. It has a wide range of applications, e.g., in financial mathematics. It is also a development environment that enables algorithm development, visualization and data analysis.

The software can be used by any student, doctoral student, and faculty. To access, you must create an account on the MathWorks website or log in to your account using the email address registered to the university domain.

Each user can install the software on 4 computers, with only 2 running simultaneously. The license is valid for 12 full months from the date of generation until 30.09.2021.

The Campus Wide Suite license will enable:

  • all staff and students to install MATLAB software on a private computer,
  • access to free online training courses within MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite (MAOTS),
  • the use of MATLAB Grader, integrated with an e-learning platform, to create interactive tasks for students and automatic evaluation of coursework,
  • employees – to use the software to any extent and at any time for non-commercial scientific research, articles, and scientific publications,
  • students – to complete assignments and projects outside of the university anywhere at any time.

Individual licenses

Both employees and students are eligible to use these licenses. Each new person who creates a user account on the MathWorks website with a university domain email address has access to a Matlab + Simulink + toolboxes individual license.

It may be that an existing user of MathWorks tools (with an email address on the university domain) does not have a license connected. If this is the case, please report from the college mailbox to

Each user also has access to a separate individual license for the following products:

Licenses for the above products are not automatically added to the user account. The procedure for adding these licenses is identical to the MATLAB individual license (described above). Installations of the above products are described in detail in the links.

MATLAB Online Training Suite (MAOTS)

Each license user, once logged in, has access to over 80 hours of self-paced courses that they can complete at their own pace. The courses cover the basics of MATLAB as well as more advanced topics.

The full list of training courses by category:

  • Getting Started
  • Core MATLAB
  • Data Science
  • Computational Mathematics
  • More Courses

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