Information for people with disabilities.

For last several years various measures have been undertaken by the SGH Library to facilitate the access to library collections for the disabled students and to provide them with equal educational opportunities. The measures mentioned above are the following:

  • Modifying the rules and regulations, e.g. adding favorable provisions concerning borrowing books from the Library.
  • Eliminating architectural barriers by modifying the SGH Library building  to meet the needs of individuals with mobility disabilities, namely its ground floor. These include:
    • a wheelchair ramp at the main entrance to access the terrace,
    • an automatic sliding entrance door opener (it has to be pressed to open the door),
    • wheelchair ramps at the stairs to access the ground floor,
    • a modified toilet to allow wheelchairs.

The SGH Library also provides disabled students with special equipment and software to assist them in using the Library holdings. Kind and location of the installed equipment are as follows:

  • a low vision video magnifier My Reader (installed in the Periodicals Reading Room, 2nd floor, room 204),
  • a PC for disabled students with various functions:
    • Multilektor – a set designed for scanning and reading (Cycero and Fine Reader),
    • screen reading software (Jaws) and headphones, and text magnification software (ZoomText MagReader),
    • access to the Internet,
    • a special mouse catering for the needs of students with upper limb disabilities.

The computer is located in the Reference Centre, ground floor, room 10.