The employees of the Department provide catalog, bibliographic and substantive information and are responsible for library training for first-year students.

Collection and services

  • access to databases

Library users have at their disposal three computer stations on which databases are made available (Polish and foreign full-text, abstract or bibliographic databases). SGH students and employees are required to authorize themselves in the university’s computer network (i.e. log in to their own account). Readers from outside the University may use the guest account after logging in by the librarian on duty.


The European Documentation Centre (EDC) is a depository for official publications of the European Communities.
Since April 2005 the EDC is situated in the Library of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). It constitutes a part of the Reference Centre.
The EDC gathers and provides access to documents published by the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg, by other European Institutions and by Polish governmental or nongovernmental organisations.
The EDC Collection contains: legislative acts, books, periodicals, brochures, maps and other documents; in paper version or on CD-Roms. The holdings are mainly in Polish and English.


Reference Centre phone number
+48225649505 lub +48225649739