Other cloud applications

An Office 365 Pro Plus subscription includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, MS Teams, Forms, Bookings, and more. They can be accessed via browser or dedicated applications.
The time of the pandemic made it possible to appreciate the applications that made remote work possible. Many people cannot imagine working without SharePoint sites, joint editing of files, teams in MS Teams, surveys in MS Forms, booking in Bookings.


Login to sgh cloud

In order to login to SGH Cloud you have to use SGH e-mail address and password on this website:

Remember to enter full e-mail address in the domain:

  • employees and co-workers - @sgh.waw.pl
  • students - @student.sgh.waw.pl
  • PhD students - @doktorant.sgh.waw.pl
  • graduates – @absolwent.sgh.waw.pl​ 


It is an extensive mailbox, calendar and tasks in one. It allows you to add @mentions, attach files from the cloud with the possibility of collaborative editing and add several calendars. Mail has a large capacity, which allows you to store a large amount of correspondence.

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It is a cloud space for storing, sharing and collaborating on files in the cloud with the ability to sync on your computer. The application allows you to access files from several devices at the same time when connected to the Internet. The capacity of such a disk is 5 TB.

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SharePoint is a multitasking platform that allows us to safely store, catalog and share information and files. We can access files from any device that has an Internet connection. We do not need any special software to operate it - any web browser or mobile application is enough.

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MS Teams

It is a platform for online classes and exams, webinars and conversations. Additionally, the MS Teams application includes a calendar that can be used to create meetings; assignments for passing credits for students; class notebook - a space for working together.

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It is a web application that allows you to easily create surveys and tests. MS Forms gives you the opportunity to:

  • create research, tests and surveys and easy view incoming results,
  • invite other people to respond using any web browser, also on mobile devices,
  • use built-in analysis tools to evaluate the submitted responses on an ongoing basis,
  • export data from forms, such as test results, to Excel for further analysis or grading.


The Microsoft Bookings application is a web application that you can use to book available appointments. It can be used to arrange individual meetings with students, e.g. consultations on specific days and times. The Microsoft Bookings application is connected to the calendar in Outlook, so all bookings created in it will also be available from Outlook.


It is a multi-functional electronic notebook for creating and organizing notes. It is available online and via the app.


It is a web-based application that allows you to easily create and share presentations, personal stories, and more. Create and share anything you want with Sway’s colorful and interactive canvases.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint

These are the core applications of the Microsoft Office suite. They are available online and after downloading the application to the device.

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