Internships and outgoing programs

Information regarding scholarship opportunities available for doctoral students.

Doctoral students can take advantage of various scholarship opportunities, including mobilities for part of their studies abroad or internships.

Among the most popular types of mobility are exchanges for studies and internships under the Erasmus+ program:

Study abroad

Under the Erasmus+ program, doctoral students can apply for exchanges for studies and internships in other participating countries (i.e., program countries) as well as in some non-associated third countries (from other world regions).

On each of the three levels of studies (i.e., first, second, and third-degree studies), mobility lasting up to 12 months can be utilized.

The minimum duration of studies abroad and internships is 2 months.

Which countries participate in the program?

Program countries co-finance the Erasmus+ program and participate as full-fledged participants. The 33 countries participating in the program include:

  • 27 member states of the European Union,
  • third countries associated with the program: North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Serbia

All other countries in the world are non-associated third countries with the EU, which can participate in specific Erasmus+ program actions. However, mobilities are only possible to institutions and countries with which SGH has signed agreements, and grants are available.

Since September 2021, actions have been taken as part of the new Erasmus+ financial perspective (2021-2027), allowing doctoral students, among other things:

  • short-term stays (for studies or internships) lasting from 5 to 30 days in addition to long-term mobility (2 to 12 months),
  • internships for post-docs.

SGH doctoral students can carry out internships in Poland and abroad in accordance with the “Regulations for Student Internships at the Warsaw School of Economics.”

Internships carried out abroad can be co-financed from the funds of the Erasmus+ KA131 program (mobilities with program countries).

Mobility for individuals with fewer opportunities in the Erasmus+ program

In the Erasmus+ KA131 program, “individual support,” as well as additional funds granted due to difficult financial situations and/or the disability of students going abroad for studies or internships, will be awarded from Erasmus+ program funds.

Funding in the form of a lump sum rate can be awarded to:

  • students going abroad for studies and/or internships, confirmed by the university to be eligible for social scholarships, in accordance with university regulations;
  • students with disabilities holding a disability certificate going abroad for studies and/or internships; graduates going abroad for internships, confirmed by the university to be eligible for social scholarships, in accordance with university regulations;
  • graduates with disabilities holding a disability certificate going abroad for internships.

Funding is awarded by the university within the funding amount available to the university based on the financial agreement for activities signed with the National Agency (NA).

Individuals interested in receiving additional support from the Erasmus+ program are asked to contact the CWM employees responsible for trips to specific countries according to the contact information below (the list of contact persons is in the tab below).

Funding in the form of actual costs (based on a separate application submitted to the NA) can be awarded to:

  • students with disabilities holding a disability certificate going abroad for studies and/or internships;
  • graduates with disabilities holding a disability certificate going abroad for internships.
Contact – Erasmus+ Program

International Centre

Erasmus+ exchanges for studies and internships (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom)
room 17 (entrance through room 15), building A
Rakowiecka 24 Street
tel .: 22 564 78 23
e-mail: mtymin(at)sgh

Erasmus+ exchanges for studies and internships (Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden)
room 17 (entrance through room 15), building A
Rakowiecka 24 Street 
tel .: 22 564 98 44 

Departure procedures

Departure procedures for students of the Doctoral School and doctoral students who started doctoral studies or initiated a doctoral procedure before April 30, 2019, and are going on longer mobilities for studies under the Erasmus+ program: 

Summer and winter schools

PhD students from SGH have the opportunity to participate in both summer and winter schools organized by SGH partner universities worldwide. These schools provide the chance to earn ECTS points for courses within the program.

SGH partner univerities

SGH collaborates with over 300 partner universities worldwide, with most partnerships falling under the Erasmus+ program. Some agreements include cooperation at the doctoral level. The full list of agreements and information on study levels can be found on the website: 

CIVICA – The European University of Social Sciences

The presence of the SGH in the alliance of the European University CIVICA is a new dimension of international academic cooperation, opening up innovative opportunities for SGH students and doctoral students in the field of education and building civic awareness.

Our students and PhD students can undertake additional international mobility and benefit from classes and special teaching projects conducted jointly with the universities belonging to the Alliance.

CIVICA for Early Stage Researchers

Through a variety of collaborative initiatives and opportunities, CIVICA enables PhD students and young researchers to exchange information about their research, develop professional and methodological skills, collaborate on joint projects, and connect with colleagues working on similar topics.

CIVICA’s (post)doctoral offer includes a catalogue of Early Stage Researcher courses, summer schools and method and skills workshops.

CIVICA offers young researchers a wealth of opportunities for collaboration and exchange on current and emerging European challenges, in particular through CIVICA Research.

We encourage you to subscribe to the CIVICA Newsletter and follow the alliance’s social media:

The Polish-German Academic Forum (PNFA)

Doctoral scholarships of the Polish-German Academic Forum

The Polish-German Academic Forum (PNFA) in cooperation with the Jan Gutenberg University (JGU) in Mainz awards DAAD scholarships for full-time doctoral students for research trips.

The scholarship is intended for those interested in collecting materials for the purposes of their doctoral thesis at the university library. The beneficiary will be provided with a workstation in the library and access to computers on the JGU campus.

Information about scholarships in 2023: a scholarship is available for 2 applicants. Scholarship amount: 300 Euro (lump sum for travel) + 1200 Euro (for accommodation and subsistence costs, self-accommodation).  

Rules for awarding the scholarship:

  1. Eligible to apply for the scholarship are doctoral students of SGH who have not previously used the DAAD doctoral scholarship
  2. Application documents must be submitted 1 month before the planned stay (at the latest 01.10.2023)
    about CV in German
    • Schedule of stay for a scholarship in German
    • Brief description of the topic of the doctoral thesis in German
    • Opinion of the supervisor of doctoral studies
      The above documents are also criteria for evaluating a given candidate.
  3. For each of these criteria, a doctoral student may receive from 1 to 5 points.
  4. The assessment of the documents provided shall be carried out by the Commission appointed specifically for that purpose.

All interested parties are requested to submit application documents 1 month before the planned stay (at the latest by 01.10.2023).

Other scholarship offers

In addition, doctoral students have the opportunity to avail themselves of a broad range of international programs offered by various organizations.

For these organizations and their offerings, interested doctoral candidates are encouraged to directly contact these institutions and stay updated on their websites:

Alfred Toepfler Stiftung

A foundation supporting education in the areas of European integration, culture, art, science, and environmental protection. It offers scholarships for students and graduates in these fields.

Bayerisches Hochschulzentrum für Mittel, Ost- und Südeuropa

Offers scholarships for postgraduate studies in Bavaria.


CEEPUS - Central European University Exchange Program: Supports academic exchange in education and professional development for students and academic staff. The program offers short-term scholarships for scientific internships within Academic Networks, short-term scholarships as “Freemovers,” and short-term scholarships for summer schools and intensive courses.


German Academic Exchange Service - one of the world’s largest organizations supporting international academic exchange. It offers scholarships for Polish students, graduates, doctoral candidates, scientists, and academic teachers from Polish universities.

German Research Fundation (DFG)

The main task of DFG is to finance the best research projects selected through competition in research institutions and higher education. Individuals who meet the requirements can propose funding for their chosen research topic.

EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion

A unique European initiative providing information services and support for professional researchers. Supported by the European Union and its member states, it promotes researcher mobility and career development, fostering scientific cooperation between Europe and the world.

European University Institute

An international organization founded by EU member countries. It focuses on doctoral and postdoctoral education and conducts research in fields crucial for Europe’s development. It offers full scholarships for four-year doctoral studies in economics, law, history, and political science.

French Government Scholarships

The official website of the National Agency for the Promotion of French Higher Education Abroad. It provides information on the principles of awarding scholarships and grants for studies in France, including scholarships from the French government and selected French universities and institutions.

Fulbright Fellowships

The Fulbright Program in Poland is administered by the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission. It offers scholarships for students and graduates from Polish universities for studies in the USA, fellowships for doctoral candidates to conduct research, and scholarships for academic staff to engage in research and lectures at selected U.S. universities.


FRSE is one of the most experienced institutions in Poland managing European educational programs. It serves as the National Agency for the Erasmus+ Program for the years 2021-2027. It provides information about programs aimed at students, academics, and university staff, offering opportunities to acquire basic and specialized knowledge, both domestically and abroad.


The Visegrad 4 Eastern Partnership (V4EaP) program was initiated by the V4 countries to strengthen cooperation between the Visegrad Group and the Eastern Partnership countries. The program consists of separate grant programs but also includes the Visegrad Scholarship Program, providing scholarships for scientists from EaP countries to higher education institutions in the V4.

Gemeinschaft für studentischen Austausch in Mittel- und Osteuropa (GFPS)

Scientific-Cultural Association in Europe GFPS is an association of three cooperating institutions from Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic, aiming to support scientific and cultural exchange in Central and Eastern European countries. It offers scholarship programs supporting exchange between Poland and Germany and between Germany and the Czech Republic. It also provides semester scholarships for studies in Germany for Polish students and doctoral candidates (awarded jointly by GFPS-Poland and the Polish-German Cooperation Foundation).

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)

IEFA is one of the largest databases providing comprehensive information on study opportunities abroad. It includes information about scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid for students and doctoral candidates interested in pursuing studies abroad.

Kosciuszko Foundation

The American Foundation aims to promote scientific and cultural exchange between Poland and the USA. It offers scholarship and grant programs in the United States for doctoral studies, research projects, and teaching.


The Bundestag, in collaboration with Freien Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin, annually awards approximately 120 scholarships for young graduates from 41 countries for a period of five months.


NAWA supports academic exchange and international cooperation to enhance the potential of Polish science and higher education. It offers programs for institutions, students, and academic staff from Poland and abroad (partial studies, internships and research missions, doctoral studies, habilitation internships, and language courses for students and academic staff of Polish higher education institutions).


The National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic supports the study, research, teaching, and artistic mobility of students, doctoral candidates, academic staff, scientists, and artists in higher education institutions and research organizations. It offers programs and support instruments for individuals interested in studying in Slovakia, as well as for Slovak scholars applying for studies abroad.


The Dutch agency for the internationalization of education. It offers scholarships and grants for doctoral candidates to study in the Netherlands.


Founded by the Polish-American Entrepreneurship Fund, the foundation aims to equalize educational opportunities. It offers scholarships for education abroad for doctoral candidates, including the “Study Abroad” program. The foundation also provides language scholarships, workshops preparing scholarship holders for the job market, and summer internships in the USA, organized in cooperation with the US Embassy in Warsaw.

Royal Society Grants and Awards

An independent scientific academy in the United Kingdom aimed at promoting scientific achievements. It offers scholarships and grants for scientific research in the UK.

Scholarship Positions

A website dedicated to study financing opportunities abroad. It provides comprehensive information on grants and scholarships for doctoral candidates studying abroad, with the option to search for scholarships in specific countries and fields.

Studieren und Forschen in Ausland

OeAD scholarship programs for students, doctoral candidates, and researchers in Austria.

Study in Australia

The official website of the Australian government, aimed at promoting and supporting academic exchange. It offers detailed information about scholarships and grants for studying in Australia.

Study in Taiwan

The official website of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan regarding study opportunities in Taiwan. It includes a database of scholarships and grants for studying in Taiwan, as well as information about short-term programs, research stays, and internships.


The official website providing information on studying conditions in New Zealand. It includes details on scholarships offered by New Zealand universities for doctoral candidates as well as scholarships for scientific research.

Unicredit & Universities

A foundation dedicated to promoting studies and research initiatives in the fields of finance, economics, law, political science, and social sciences. It offers annual scholarships in finance, banking, and economics for master’s and doctoral studies, as well as for scientific research.