FAQ – SGH Doctoral School

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the admission process to the SGH Doctoral School.

If, in the case of graduating from a foreign university, when according to the NAWA websites and qualifier the diploma should be recognized in Poland, the obtained diploma is sufficient for the application? Is it necessary to translate it?

Pursuant to § 11(1)(6) of Resolution No. 356 of the SGH Senate of 17 January 2024 on the terms and conditions, and the mode of recruitment to the Doctoral School, in the case of a foreign university diploma, the candidate should present a certificate confirming that the diploma entitles the student to study at a Doctoral School in the country of issue. 

This certificate is not necessary if such information is included in the diploma or in the supplement. 

In the absence of a certificate and information in the diploma or in the supplement, the candidate is required to provide a foreign diploma recognition document issued by NAWA in response to a request for foreign diploma information (full NAWA)

Is education at the Doctoral School of the Warsaw School of Economics  organized in an extramural mode (on a part-time basis)?

No. The classes at the SGH Doctoral School are held from Monday to Friday.

Do doctoral students at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics may apply for the student dormitories?

Yes. Pursuant to Article 211 of the Law on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 2018, a doctoral student may apply for:

  • accommodation in the student dormitory of the higher education institution or board in the student canteen of the higher education institution,
  • accommodation for a spouse or child in the student dormitory of a higher education institution – pursuant to the rules and procedures laid down in the student benefits regulations.

Does a doctoral student have to conduct classes?

In the 4th semester of doctoral education, doctoral students carry out the “Workshop on Didactic Methods”. Part of the completion of the workshop is the completion of 4 hours of didactic practices – in the form described in the syllabus of the course.

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