SharePoint is one of the applications available in SGH Cloud. It allows you to safely store, catalogue and share files and information within users inside and outside the organization. Thanks to this application, we have access to files from any device connected to the Internet.

SharePoint is a multitasking platform that can act as a safe place to store, organize, share and access information for a selected team from multiple devices that have an Internet connection.

You do not need any special software to use SharePoint - any web browser or mobile application is enough. On the other hand, SharePoint document libraries can be synchronized on the computer’s disk, so that they can be accessed just like other documents on the computer.

SharePoint advantages:

  • supports the organization of projects and teams of employees involved in their implementation,
  • stores and synchronizes documents,
  • enables joint, simultaneous work on documents in a team by many people,
  • allows you to easily share and publish your work.

SharePoint is associated with other Microsoft applications. It must be remembered that when creating a team, e.g. in MS Teams, or Planner, a site is automatically created in SharePoint - a common area for cooperation. There is no need to set up a separate site. It is a shared resource available to all team members.

Where to find the Sharepoint app

SharePoint sites can be found after login into the website:

The application icon will be on the left side.

Document synchronization in SharePoint

To facilitate the placement of new documents and to have easier access to documents on the SharePoint site, you can use the Synchronize option.

Thanks to synchronization, we will have access to documents on the SharePoint site directly from a folder in Windows Explorer. The content of synchronized directories will be constantly updated (Internet connection required). If a new file or folder is added to the site, it will automatically appear in our synced folder on your computer.

Connecting SharePoint with the MS Teams application

Each Microsoft Teams team has a dedicated SharePoint Online team site that supports the storage and processing of all materials shared in team channels. Each team automatically creates a general channel, which is assigned a General folder in the main document library by default. When creating new channels, additional folders are created in SharePoint.

To go from MS Teams to documents on the website, open the Files tab in the selected channel and click the Open in the SharePoint application button.

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