Master studies Global Business, Finance and Governance

Why study Global Business, Finance and Governance at SGH?
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The second-cycle studies in Advanced Analytics – Big Data at SGH Warsaw School of Economics provide advanced knowledge and competencies in the area of the extraction and analysis of data from variety of sources.

Career prospects

The students acquire skills enabling them to perform essential financial and marketing analyses as required in business, governmental and non-governmental organizations. In particular, the program aims at preparing them for entry level and junior specialist positions in financial, sales, logistics and marketing departments of business and non-business organizations including NGOs as well as central and local governmental entities or international organizations. 

  • Energy on the Global Market​
  • Global Development and Governance 
  • International Finance 
  • International Venture Management ​
Mode and duration of study

Mode of study: full-time

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Admissions and tuition


The application and admissions procedure has the following stages: 

  • registration in the online system,
  • submission of required documents,
  • end of submission of documents period,
  • verification of documents by SGH,
  • issuing decisions on admission,
  • information about registration for classes sent by Master Dean’s Office (in the registration system).

More information can be found here: 
application and admissions procedure for foreigners 
application and admissions procedure for Polish citizens​


1900 EUR per semester


The graduate of the second-cycle studies in the field of Global Business, Finance and Governance at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics:


  • has a thorough understanding of the field in question and of skills and research methods  applied in global business, finance and governance, 
  • has a command of the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international business, international finance and international governance, and the effective problem solving methods in business and economics at international level, 
  • has knowledge on econometric methods of economic data analysis and qualitative methods of analysis, as well as knowledge and understanding of international business environments: institutional, cultural, legal and technological, 


  • demonstrates the ability to conceive, design, implement and manage the research process within different fields, 
  • demonstrates the ability to conduct professional activity on an international level,
  • demonstrates the ability to recognise scientific and professional problems, organize a strategic analysis process and present its results in a concise manner,

Social competencies

  • is capable of effective team work, group, leadership, communication, and negotiation, 
  • is able to integrate knowledge and handle its complexity, as well as to formulate judgments with incomplete or limited information, 
  • has knowledge of ethical rules of business and corporate social responsibility of international business and can act in accordance with the principles in question. 

The list of learning outcomes and programs for the first and second cycle programs at SGH 

Double Degree Programmes

SGH students may participate in Double Degree Programmes which enables them to obtain two academic diplomas in a single course of study.

Double Degree Programmes available to full-time students of Global Business, Finance and Governance:

Qualifications to DDP programmes at Master’s level are conducted before the beginning of studies at SGH.

Admissions Office


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02-554 Warsaw, Poland


phone: + 48 22 564 77 77


the office hours: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
(Monday till Friday)

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