The rules of submitting master's thesis

When the final version ot the thesis is ready you shall upload it to the Archive for Diploma Theses (login and password are the same that for SGH mailbox and VDO).


Master thesis need to be submitted on 4th semester of studies.
Students of current 4th semester (2022/2023 Autumn) ought to submit thesis by February 17th, 2023.
Students who have  passed all the courses required to their study program, have clear financial situation, can attend the defense.

Students who submitted their thesis by September 25th, 2022 - planned defense by December 16th, 2022.

Students who applied for prolonging the deadlibe of submission of the thesis, have clear financial situation and passed all required courses shall have their defense within three monts from thesis submission.

To the system need to be added:

  • correct thesis title in language in which thesis was prepared (working title was uploaded to the system from the diploma seminar notification),
  • summary of the thesis in language in which diploma thesis was prepared,
  • key words in the language in which the diploma thesis was prepared,
  • electronic version of the thesis prepared in the form of a single PDF file; if the thesis contains attachments, they are also to uploaded to the APD system as zipped in one archive file (PDF, ZIP, TGZ, 7Z),
  • granting consent or refusal to grant consent, by marking a relevant option in the system, for making the defended thesis available in the reading room of the Library of SGH Warsaw School of Economics,
  • statement of the author
  • please note there is an option to make your thesis confidential by choosing: thesis shouldn’t be available in the library.