Master’s thesis standard, formal reguirements

Content and formal requirements for diploma theses, mode of thesis submission and evaluation are described in the annex to the Rules and Regulations of first and second cycle programme.

You shall start preparing to the writting of your thesis at the end of 2nd semester, with choosing the supervisor. Master’s thesis declaration shall be submitted via VDO.

There are two semesters of seminar, while you should take care of both, content and formal requirements (par. 2, 3, 4 of Rules and Regulations).

A diploma thesis shall:

  • prove a student’s ability to apply the knowledge acquired during the study process,
  • compliant with the learning outcomes in a given field of study, level and profile of study, level and profile of study, as well as demonstrate the use of literature in the field,
  • confirm the ability of creating a coherent and logical text written in accurate Polish, using terminology specific to the discipline of science or practice.  

The most important part of the thesis is the content. But before you upload the thesis to APD system make sure the structure of the thesis is correct.

  • The first page of the thesis is the title page prepared according to the template.
  • The second page should be clear.
  • In case of students’ group work on the thesis, a detailed list should be put on the second page (back of the title page) in the following way: each authors’ name and surname along with numbers of chapters. Only one person can be an author of the chapter
  • You have included a table of contents.
  • You have icluded introduction.
  • You have included chapters of the thesis.
  • You have included  conclusions.
  • You have included of literature used.
  • You have included list of tables and figures.
  • You have included possible attachments.
  • You have included abstract of the work (indicative 900 characters),
  •  If you want to have the minor on your diploma, please make sure you’ve written it down on the first page of your Master’s thesis. Only one minor can be written on the first page of the thesis. That minor will be displayed on the diploma.
  • The student should send the electronic version of the thesis/thesis’ chapters to the Local Archive of Diploma Theses (APD) according to the Users Manual of APD.
  • Please remember to submit the statement of the author (statements of the authors) in the separate file( template below) in the APD – it’s not generated from APD.

The student is hold solely responsible for performing the procedure of thesis preparation. Detailed rules on the procedure are available in the APD system. All the necessary attachments needed for submitting the thesis are generated by the APD system. 

Instruction of the Deans of Bachelor and Master’s Studies concerning rules and regulations for recognition of published articles or project work as diploma thesis  of July 18th, 2022

According to  §2 art. 4 of Content and Formal Requirements for Diploma Theses, Mode of Thesis Submission and Evaluation constituting Annex no. 1 to Rules and Regulations of Studies at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, the following requirements must be met by articles and project work admitted as diploma theses:
 In case of Scientific Articles submitted as Diploma Theses the following requirements are a sine qua non:
1.    Article’s publication date must not exceed completion of studies. It is acceptable for the article to be published online first before it is assigned to a particular issue of a periodical. A letter of acceptance for printing or any other certificate issued by journals’ offices shall not be viewed as equal actual publication.
2.    Article’s publication must be with a periodical from the current list of peer-reviewed journals by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the score of which must be at least 40 points in case of first cycle studies and 70 points in case of second cycle studies.
3.    The abovementioned journal must not be listed as not recommended by the SGH Warsaw School of Economics Ethics Committee.
4.    The Article must be self-written by a single student.
In case of project work submitted as Diploma Thesis the following criteria are to be strictly followed:
1.    Before proceeding with the project to be accepted as Diploma Work, the acceptance of its subject, form and scope must be obtained from the Chair of Curriculum Board of the Faculty where the Thesis is to be defended. Before submission with the Dean’s Office the project work must be formally vetted and accepted by the Chair of the Curriculum Board to attest to the fact that it was executed according to criteria agreed upon commencement of the project.
2.    The project must be commissioned by a public institution.
3.    In special, justified cases, the respective Dean, following positive recommendation by the Chair of the Faculty Curriculum Board, can agree to realization of the project commissioned by other entity.
4.    The completion of the project must be prior to completion of studies. The student is obliged to submit with the respective Dean’s Office the documentation consisting of a thorough description of the project, formal contract of commission with the aforementioned institution and a certificate of admission by the commissioner.
5.    The project must be self-made performed by a single student, for whom it is to constitute Diploma Work.
Submission of an article or project as Diploma Thesis, equals obligation to enroll for a Seminar with a Tutor of choice, who shall oversee the work, accept, and grade it.
Upon submission of an article or project work as Diploma Thesis the respective Dean shall appoint a reviewer and – in case of a positive review – hold its Defense under the same terms conditions as traditional Theses.

The Instruction comes into force as of date of issue.