Collecting the diploma – Graduate Studies

The diploma will be issued within 30 days from the day of defense.  

Sending diploma

We highly recommend to choose the option of receiving diploma via shipment (we send diploma by Polish Post both, on Polish territory and abroad). Person responsible for sending diplomas is Ms Sylwia Sepetowska.

To receive diploma you shall send by Post Office signed paper version of application for sending diploma and supplement by Post to the GDO address (Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego, al. Niepodległości 162, 02-554 Warszawa). Other formalities (Sign-off sheet) are proceeded by Graduate Studies Office.

Personal collection

You can pick up a diploma personally only after making an appointment via Microsoft Bookings. At the given date you shall come to GDO (counters: 1, 2 and 3) without collecting the ticket from ticket machine.

Students who have obtained Master degree before 2019 are asked to sign the Sign-off sheet directly at the Library and bring document to GDO.

Payment for diploma

Confirmation of payment for diploma needs to be given unless it was send before. Payment needs to be done to the individual account (visible in VDO) – in the tiltle of transfer student’s number should be added.

  • Students, who have signed their contract with the School in 2019/2020 (and resumed) or later - pay only 20 PLN (for additional copy) – Rector’s Order no. 18 of 8 May 2019.
  • Students who have started their program earlier – pay only 60 PLN (English copy for English programmes is exempted from the charge)

Collection by authorized person

Receiving diploma by authorized person is possible only after filling in authorisation notes. 

Those documents needs to be signed in the Graduate Studies Office (in advance), in presence of GSO`s clerk or confirmed by an attorney – you should go to an attorney in your current place of residence and legalize your statement. The statement needs to be submitted in original in Graduate Studies Office and it stays in your files.



The address to send application for sending diploma and supplement by Post:
Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego
al. Niepodległości 162
02-554 Warsaw, PL