WiFi Access

WiFi is accessible in all buildings of SGH in public areas. WiFi access on the SGH Campus includes the following networks: EDUROAM, SGH_WIFI_SMS.

EDUROAM secure network is available for employees, PhD students and students. 


It is a wireless network which can be used at the SGH as well as at other universities (using the same credentials) as long as they provide access to EDUROAM network.

Eduroam is an international initiative, which SGH joined at the beginning of 2015, that enables the staff and students to use Wi-Fi on the premises of other academic institutions following the same login procedure as in their own campus, irrespective of the location. The maps of polish and world EDUROAM are available at websites:


SGH_WIFI_SMS is a wireless network for SGH guests. It is accessible in all SGH buildings.

The guest must receive an SMS password to use the SGH_WIFI_SMS network. An employee, student or PhD student has the possibility to generate a password on website:

Password can be obtained from any reception desk staff in all SGH buildings. 

The number of issued and received passwords in a monthly cycle is limited. SGH guest can receive a maximum of 3 WiFi passwords per month. A one-time password is valid for 7 days.

Information Technology and Infrastructure Centre
IT Support Team

Rakowiecka 22B, building B (Library), room 1
phone: 22 564 6464
e-mail: helpdesk@sgh.waw.pl