“Beyond the Borders of Work...” When and Why Modification of Borders of Work by the Employees Determines Their Organisational Stances and Behaviour

The research project refers to the key problems related to the clarification of pro-activity of employees performing work based on knowledge in knowledge intensive business services (KIBS), where innovation and high competence of employees are of fundamental importance for the building of competitive advantages. Employees hired in these companies should not only become adapted, namely flexibly react to changes related to work, but also actively initiate and co-create them.

Work modifying behaviour represent these very activities by means of which changes can be made, in order to make the work more satisfactory and, at the same, more efficient. Their stimulation may supplement the “top-down” managerial activities, related to the improvement of organisation and work processes in order to react to the complexity of requirements with simultaneous satisfaction of individual needs.

As part of the performed research, the role of HR management and leadership in support for the work transformation in the KIBS sector organisations was shown. The effect of the project is the following publication: A. Wojtczuk-Turek (2020). Przekształcanie pracy. Perspektywa jednostki i organizacji. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo PWN. MO-2017/25/B/HS4/01395 (14.01.2018-01.15.2021) (management and quality sciences)

Project director:
Agnieszka Wojtczuk-Turek, Ph.D., SGH Professor
Financing institution:
National Science Centre
Project duration:
January 2018 - January 2021
Web of science classification category:
Organizational unit (collegium/department/unit):
SGH Warsaw School of Economics » Collegia » Collegium of Business Administration