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In 2014. The Warsaw School of Economics was accredited by the European Statistical Office, allowing all SGH independent researchers to apply for access to Eurostat's confidential microdata for research purposes.
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SGH has been authorised to represent Eurostat in the process of making confidential microdata available to its researchers because:

  • committed to protect the confidentiality of the microdata and to ensure that SGH researchers using the microdata comply with the provisions set out in the Eurostat Guidelines [Guidelines for the assessment of research entities and research proposals] and EU law,
  • sets up a secure access point to the micro-data on its premises, where it provides adequate conditions for the secure sharing and storage of the confidential micro-data entrusted to it,
  • standardises the rules for the secure sharing of confidential micro-data at the Warsaw School of Economics in the Rules of Procedure for Providing Access to Eurostat Micro-data for Scientific Purposes

Researchers at the Warsaw School of Economics who are interested in using Eurostat microdata in their research can apply for access to confidential data by submitting appropriate Project Applications to the European Statistical Office.  For detailed information on Project Applications and on the procedure for accessing Eurostat micro-data at the Warsaw School of Economics please consult our website or contact the Applications Coordinator.

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Who can apply for access to Eurostat microdata?

  • Each independent researcher employed at the Warsaw School of Economics. SGH PhD students and students cannot independently apply for access to Eurostat microdata. On behalf of PhD students and students, applications for access to microdata may only be submitted by their supervisors.

What microdata collections does Eurostat provide?

  • The microdata collections that Eurostat can make available for research purposes are listed at:
    There are detailed descriptions of the datasets, information from which countries they come from and the range of years they cover. The list of sets is updated on a regular basis and gradually expanded.

Where can a researcher work on microdata sent by Eurostat for a research project planned by him?

  • Due to the obligation of special protection of the confidentiality of microdata, work on them can ONLY take place at a microdata secure access point, created specifically for this purpose, in accordance with all the requirements of the European Statistical Office.

Where is the microdata secure access point?

  • The secure access point to Eurostat microdata is located in the SGH Library, in room 11 on the ground floor (entrance through room 10). The secure access point is open during the working hours of the Scientific Information Department.
  • There is a special computer workstation at the secure access point, prepared for work on microdata, to which only authorized persons have access: the Microdata Manager, the Applicant and the Project Participants. Each of the aforementioned persons has a specially created work account on this computer, protected by a password. A duty librarian watches over the correct use of the safe access point.

What could be the consequences of breaching the confidentiality of Eurostat microdata?

  • Any breach of the conditions specified in the above-mentioned documents may result in appropriate legal consequences. The European Commission can then take the following actions:
    • withdraw consent to disclose confidential microdata to a given academic staff member of the Warsaw School of Economics or all researchers participating in a specific research project,
    • withdraw consent to make confidential microdata available for all research projects submitted by SGH researchers,
    • revoke the accreditation granted to the Warsaw School of Economics by Eurostat,
    • enforce from SGH to take disciplinary action against the researcher, the perpetrator,
    • demand compensation from SGH through civil law,
    • make a complaint or report the infringement to the police under national law (the Commission has the right to be the plaintiff in the main proceedings).
  • Each breach of the conditions set out in the documents listed above may be considered separately. Depending on the severity of the situation, appropriate measures may be taken:
    • in relation to academic staff of the Warsaw School of Economics,
    • in relation to SGH,
    • towards the Polish State, on the basis of the Treaty on European Union.


Application Coordinator:

Joanna Obiegałka
Library of the Warsaw School of Economics
Reference Centre
tel.: 225649505

Microdata Manager:

Marcin Ochalski
Library of the Warsaw School of Economics
tel.: 225649517