Allowance aid

The grant is a form of emergency, non-returnable aid, granted at the request of a student who has found himself in a difficult life situation.

Students may apply for the aid if: they temporarily finds themselves in a difficult life situation – no more than 6 months have elapsed from the date of the occurrence of the circumstances constituting the basis for claiming the financial aid.

The financial aid may be granted not more than two times in an academic year. For one and the same event, a student may receive financial aid only once. 

The maximum amount of the aid equivalent to 4 000 zloty.

Generating and submitting the application through USOS

The grant is awarded at the student’s request.

The application can only be generated in the USOSweb system. 

To submit an application for financial aid, please, log in to the main page of USOSweb platform by using the SGH student login and password (students receive their SGH login credentials once enrolled for the first year of studies at SGH, which are sent to the email address provided by them in the recruitment process). 

All faculties at all universities except SGH WARSAW SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (also abroad) where you have ever studied / had the status of a student should be provided when filling out the application in the USOS system, even if the study period lasted only a few days, weeks or 1 month, even if you did not attend classes and were crossed out.

The faculties indicated by the student are checked with the national POL-on system. If you do not specify all faculties in the application, the procedure will be resumed and if you exceed the deadline laid down in Article 93 (4) to (5) of the Higher Education and Science Act, the grant will be withdrawn.

In order to generate an application, first add your bank account number in the following tab: Common section – My data – bank account and tax office.
The next step is to generate your application: Common section - APPLICATIONS – list of applications – Current applications - Application for the allowance aid.

The mere registration of the application in the USOSweb system is only a technical operation. Failure to submit a paper version of the application or via the electronic application box shall be tantamount to not applying for the scholarship.

The application for a grant must be submitted without the watermark “NOT APPROVED”, i.e. it must be printed and signed or saved as a PDF file only after clicking on the “REGISTER” button. Applications marked “NOT APPROVED” will not be accepted or processed.

The application generated in the computer system should be:

  • if it is submitted by post or to the Student Support Office, printed out and then signed with one’s own handwritten signature and submitted on paper,
  • If it is submitted via the SGH electronic application box - downloaded and then signed with a qualified electronic signature, a signature made with the use of a trusted profile (trusted signature) or a personal signature and sent  via SGH electronic application box (ESP: /SGH/ScriptsESP, as an attachment to the form “general letter to a public entity”). 

The attachments can be attached in the USOSweb system during generating the aplication, sent until specified deadline to the Student Support Office by e-mail from the student’s address in the SGH domain to: or via the SGH electronic application box.

If the documents are sent via Poczta Polska (The Polish Post) or postal operators providing universal postal services in other Member State of the European Union, the Swiss Confederation or an EFTA Member State - party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, the postmark date shall serve as a proof. In the case of documents sent via other postal operators (e. g. inPost, other foreign operators, courier companies) - the date of the effective application submission to the Student Support Office is decisive.

We do not accept scholarship applications filed by e-mail.

List of documents needed when applying for a grant

Documents confirming the circumstances which have given rise to the student’s difficult life situation, including documents confirming the date of occurrence of the above circumstances (in the original or a copy)

Student Benefit Board and Student Benefit Board of Appeal

Student Benefit Board is appointed by the Rector. According to the Rules and Regulations of Student Benefits committee may consist only of university employees and students. The vast majority of places must be occupied by the students. A general oversight over the activities of the Committee is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student’s Affairs.

Decisions on the allowance aid are taken by the Student Benefit Board.

Appeals against the decision of the Student Benefit Board should be submitted to the Student Benefit Board of Appeal.

Student Benefit Board

Student Benefit Board of Appeal

Legal acts

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