Admissions step by step to graduate studies for international applicants

SGH Warsaw School of Economics welcomes applications from students around the world.
If you wish to successfully apply to studies in English at SGH as an international student, please read the following step-by-step guide on the admission process:

Step 1. Register in the on-line registration system

Create an account and fill in the forms in the on-line registration system (ISR):

  • start with your basic personal data and contact address;
  • select the cycle of study you wish to apply for;
  • upload a photo (photo requirements can be found in the document here:
  • pay the admission fee of 85PLN (you can pay through PayPal, by credit card or with a wire transfer);
  • create a list of fields of study you are interested in and arrange them by preference;
  • upload the scans of your educational documents and a certificate confirming your English language proficiency which corresponds to level B2 at least;
  • submit your scans for verification (click the button “Submit for verification”) The list of required documents is below:

Uploaded transcripts, diplomas, and identity documents must be official; that is, they must be copies of original documents or photocopies certified as true copies by an authorized person. The document is not considered official if the words “true copy” have been reproduced by photocopy before the document is uploaded.

We will verify your scans and you will see the outcome in the system. The offer letters are usually issued at the beginning of July so you will not receive it immediately after the verification.

We will contact you in case of any doubts.

Please note that  translations, legalisation/apostille and decision on recognition of your school-leaving certificate (if applicable) must be submitted in September/October.

Step 2. Accept the offer letter

Once the scans of obligatory documents are accepted by SGH, you will receive the offer letter. To accept it, you will need to provide some additional information. You will also be required to upload a scan of the signed application form (which can be downloaded from the IRS system). After you complete the process, you will need to submit again a new batch of documents in the system.

Step 3. Wait for your decision on admission

The decision on admission to studies will be issued  in July and August, at the latest, but no sooner than late July. You may collect your decision on admission personally (prior appointment is required) in the Admissions Office or receive it by post. Scans of decisions will be available in the system.

Step 4. Deliver the original documents to the admissions office.

Submit the original documents when you arrive to Warsaw in our office according to the Admission schedule. Read the information for the freshmen students and remember to choose courses according to the schedule of semester declarations (declarations for 1st semester).
Pay the tuition fee until the end of September to the a bank account in EUR in the Virtual Dean’s office (USOS).