Professor Teresa Pakulska, PhD

Deputy Dean
Deputy Dean of the Doctoral School at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Professor of SGH Warsaw School of Economics at the Institute of Markets and Competition, Collegium of Business Administration. Graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Research interests: foreign direct investments, transnational corporations and innovation in the economy with a particular focus on the internationalisation of enterprises and competitive strategies of transnational corporations in the digital economy, and sharing economy. Co-author of the first book on the Polish market raising the question of the influence of digitalization on the conditions of global competition „Platformisation of transnational corporations” [Platformizacja korporacji transnarodowych] (2021). An author of over 130 academic publications, including: „Non-Equity Modes as International Business Strategy” (2015), „Transnational Corporations and Global Search for Resources” [Korporacje transnarodowe a globalne pozyskiwanie zasobów] (2009), „In Search of New Models of International Expansion” [W poszukiwaniu nowych modeli ekspansji międzynarodowej] (2016), „Digital Economy” [Gospodarka cyfrowa] (2019), „Geobusiness” [Geobiznes] (2017), „Business Environment and the Development of Sharing Economy” (2017).
Teresa Pakulska