Marcin Dąbrowski, PhD

Chancellor - Chief Operating Officer
Chancellor of SGH Warsaw School of Economics since 2016. Board member of HUMANE absl, founder and editor-in-chief of „E-mentor” (a scientific bimonthly journal). Also with experience in non-governmental organisations, e.g. as a managing director of the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education, president of the Association of Children’s Universities in Poland, chairman of the programming boards of the „Kwartalnik Trzeci Sektor” (quarterly) and the European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development. A graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics and two postgraduate programmes in organisation management and project management. His doctoral dissertation was devoted to the application of a strategic scorecard in ensuring organisational efficiency of university operations based on the example of the organisation of distance learning.


Marcin Dąbrowski