Master's Degree in Finance and Accounting with ACCA qualification (practical profile)

Why study Finance and Accounting with ACCA qualification (practical profile) at SGH?
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The second-cycle studies in Finance and Accounting at SGH Warsaw School of Economics provide advanced finance-oriented knowledge concerning financial management of business entities, including financial institutions, with particular interest in the determinants of managerial decisions made on the basis of results of financial analyses and research, as well as specialist knowledge providing good basis to exercise professional work and to continue further education. 

Career prospects

A graduate of the Finance and Accounting Programme will gain professional qualifications for finance-related professions in international business and financial institutions. This master degree opens access to such positions as: 

  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Auditor (Internal or external) 
  • Financial advisor 
  • Business controller 
  • Financial analysis 
Mode and duration of study

Mode of study: full-time

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Admissions and tuition


The application and admissions procedure has the following stages: 

  • registration in the online system,
  • submission of required documents,
  • end of submission of documents period,
  • verification of documents by SGH,
  • issuing decisions on admission,
  • information about registration for classes sent by Master Dean’s Office (in the registration system).

More information can be found here: 
application and admissions procedure for foreigners 
application and admissions procedure for Polish citizens​



3000 EUR (for one semestr) or 3050 EUR (for one semester, payment in installments, one installment 610 EUR)


A graduate of the second-cycle studies in the field of Finance and Accounting at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics: 


  • understands, at an in-depth level, selected facts and processes taking place in the economy and the society, as well as the related research methods and theories which constitute advanced general knowledge in the discipline of social sciences - a theoretical foundation of key problems and aspects in the field of advanced specialist knowledge in the major of Finance and Accounting at SGH, 
  • knows fundamental dilemmas of the contemporary global civilisation, the practical aspects of analysing, comparing and selecting investment solutions and the ways to raise funds to conduct business, as well as the explanation, interpretation and assessment of the impact of legal regulations, including tax regulations, on doing business,
  • understands, at an in-depth level, the practical aspects of interpretation and application of advanced principles of financial accounting, as well as of management accounting instruments, including cost accounting,
  • knows the process of financial planning and principles of choosing suitable instruments to plan and control and the significance of identification, assessment and forecasting of consequences of risk taken within the operation of business entities, including financial institutions​,


  • is able to apply the acquired knowledge - identify, interpret and explain complex financial phenomena and processes, formulate and solve complex and non-standard problems in the area of finance and accounting in unpredictable circumstances based on:
    • the right selection of relevant sources and information derived from them, performing assessment, critical analysis, synthesis and creative interpretation and presentation of this information,
    • selection and application of research and relevant analytical methods and tools adequate for finance and accounting including advanced information and communication techniques and technologies,
  • has the skills necessary to make thorough financial analyses, also those based on management accounting instruments, to formulate conclusions and recommendations accordingly, as well as to calculate investment effectiveness and cost of financing together with determining the optimal investment portfolio/sources of financing,
  • has the abilities required to estimate the level of financial risk and to formulate conclusions and recommendations, to act efficiently under stress and time pressure, as well as to make financial plans of a business entity, 

Social competencies

  • is ready to critically assess the knowledge gained and the content received, 
  • shows initiative and involvement in organising teamwork, including interdisciplinary teams,
  • displays understanding and acceptance of the principles of corporate social responsibility and the need to apply them,
  • responsibly performs professional roles accounting for changing social needs in the international environment, such as: developing professional heritage; maintaining professional ethos; obeying and developing the principles of professional ethics and acting towards preserving them.​

The list of learning outcomes and programs for the first and second cycle programs at SGH:


Finance and accounting – practical profile – with acca qualification (Master’s degree)

I’ve been in the business world for the past 23 years, so I do realize how important it is to start well-prepared. And this is what we’re going to give you as a part of these studies – Bartek

Studies, and preparing for a career in business is hard work. And that’s why we’re not going to lecture you on Finance and accounting, we’re going to train you in finance and accounting. We’re going to give you a bit of theory, and immediately follow it with practice. – Bartek You will understand how business decisions are made in a world of limited information – Bartek I wanted to pursue a career in finance and this school appears to be the perfect fit for me. The flexibility the school gives you allows you to gain professional experience alongside your studies, and I’m currently working as a full-time analyst at Goldman Sachs in Warsaw - Chandan Khadka – Student from Nepal The University offers great opportunities to grow with it’s faculty, students and learning environment - Chandan Khadka – Student from Nepal There are only a few schools in Europe that offer a first-rate education for an affordable price, which is why I chose this program – Ayobanji from Nigeria

Boost your career with finance and accounting in English

When I heard there’s a Finance and Accounting program with ACCA accreditation in Poland, it was like a blessing for me and I immediately applied – Elmar, Student from Azerbeijan

We create a friendly and supportive atmoshpehre in the class, so students can feel empowered to ask questions and solve real case studies, to immediately apply finance and accounting knowledge in practice. - Bartek I am very happy that many of my professors come from the EY academy of business, because it means they have a lot of real-life experience in the fields they are teaching – Elmar

I encourage you to enroll in this program, as it’s a very good investment into your business career as professionals – Bartek



ACCA accreditations

ACCA Accredited Programme

It is possible to obtain not only a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from SGH Warsaw School of Economics, but also the ACCA qualification, an internationally recognised professional qualification. The programme is led in cooperation with EY Poland.


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