Methods of decision analysis in multi-criteria decision problems and of estimating the willingness-to-pay/to-accept using fuzzy modelling

We aim to develop a preference elicitation method in the context of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) based on discrete-choice experiments (DCE), with additional information on the confidence with the choice made, while using the methods of fuzzy modelling. This general goal can be broken down into three further detailed goals: i) to build a general mathematical model of preferences and the process of decision making which would encompass the fuzzy approach to modelling the decision maker’s perception of the relative importance of criteria; ii) to develop methods allowing for estimation of the parameters of this model on the individual-respondent level based on (extended) DCE; iii) to develop a method allowing for the individual-respondent results to be aggregated within the level of the population (from which the respondents were sampled).

Project director:
Michał Jakubczyk, Ph.D.
Financing institution:
National Science Centre
Project duration:
July 2016 - July 2021
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Organizational unit (collegium/department/unit):
SGH Warsaw School of Economics » Collegia » Collegium of Economic Analysis