Development of an innovative product and technology - including intelligent algorithms, software and sensors - for automatic allocation of cause and effect costs using modern cost accounting in enterprises with a high level of complexity of technological

The aim of the project is to create a new product that breaks one of the main barriers to the competitiveness of Polish entrepreneurs. The project is based on the observed trend of increasing the importance of indirect costs in the activities of entities and their common misallocation. This problem concerns small, medium and large business entities which, using traditional and simplified methods, make wrong economic decisions and often do not correctly apply generally applicable regulations.

Despite the fact that all modern models for the correct allocation of costs are much better suited to reflect the current economic reality, they are not very popular. The main reason is the higher cost of their use. The solution to break this barrier is the development of an affordable, easy to use product based on the most modern achievements in such areas as the Internet of Things, BI and modern cost accounting.

The product of the project is an extensive, scalable system utilising mobile technology, acquiring data from a network of sensors and databases integrated with it. Two main cost items are subject to settlement automation - labour and energy costs. The use of position sensors and power consumption sensors allows for combining the acquired information and making its automatic allocation.

Project director:
Monika Raulinajtys-Grzybek, Ph.D., SGH Professor
Financing institution:
Meritus Systemy Informatyczne sp. z o.o.
Project duration:
November 2017 - February 2021
Web of science classification category:
Computer Science, Information Systems
Organizational unit (collegium/department/unit):
SGH Warsaw School of Economics