CIVICA RESEARCH OPEN SCIENCE | Metadata and research: abstracts, keywords and research visibility

Event date:
24.11.2022, 16:00 - 18:00
What data can be best used to identify a piece of research? What data are most effective for its dissemination and retrieval during a web search?

Starting with a brief examination of user search strategies by using some practical examples, the workshop focuses on the researcher’s use of keywords and abstracts to effectively describe the content of his or her research in order to broaden and improve its dissemination and retrieval by potential users.

Workshop content: 

  • Presentation and introduction of the topics that will be covered; 
  • brief analysis of research tools (catalogues, discovery tools, databases, etc.); 
  • presentation of user research methods in cataloguing theory; 
  • analysis of a case study; 
  • suggestions for an effective strategy for dissemination of research results.
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CIVICA & Bocconi University