BA, MA and PhD seminars

Employees of the Department of Integration and European Law provide scientific supervision over persons writing diploma (bachelor, master) and doctoral theses in the areas of teaching offer and research interest. Below we present individual offers of diploma theses of the Department's employees.

Professor Elżbieta Kawecka-Wyrzykowska

  • Poland in the EU (implementation of EU policies in Poland)
  • directions of development of integration within the EU
  • integration of Poland with the world economy
  • Poland’s WTO membership and EU membership
  • common EU policies (financial, trade, agricultural, cohesion)
  • EU funding
  • EU relations with third countries
  • European Union


Professor Artur Nowak-Far

  • functioning of enterprises on an international scale - legal and management issues
  • legal liability of exporters, importers and sellers for defective products (issues of liability in Polish law, the European Union and the USA, including the issue of organization of product design and production processes in order to limit liability for damages)
  • Economic and Monetary Union in Europe
  • central banking in the EU


Associate Professor Adam A. Ambroziak, Ph.D.

  • European Union
  • Poland in the European Union
  • international trade, including EU trade policy and EU trade relations with third countries
  • competition policy, including EU state aid policy
  • EU regional policy
  • EU industrial policy
  • EU internal market (including individual freedoms of movement of goods, services, capital and workers)


Marzenna Błaszczuk-Zawiła, Ph.D.

  • European Union
  • economic integration of the countries of the post-Soviet area
  • Poland’s relations with third countries (outside the EU)
  • relations of the European Union with third countries (outside the EU)
  • World Trade Organization
  • Common Commercial Policy of the EU


Tomasz Grzybowski, Ph.D.

  • legal conditions of business activity
  • economic analysis of business law
  • EU operational programs and procedures of the 3rd generation (circulation of funds from EU funds)
  • public finance - structure, institutions, procedures
  • economic analysis of tax law
  • commercial companies law
  • tax law - substantive law and tax procedures


Michał Schwabe, Ph.D.

  • international flows of workers
  • the impact of digital transformation on EU labor markets​