KAE Working Papers

General information 

​The faculty members as well as all the students, associates and colleagues are invited to publish the current research findings within the series of Collegium of Economic Analysis Working Papers (KAE Working Papers). We believe that making the research results instantly available to professional community serves the good purpose of exchange of ideas and constant improvement of our work. The KAE Working Papers has been initiated in March 2016 as a continuation of two working papers series: Applied Econometrics Papers (published in years 2004 - 2015), Working Papers of the Institute for Demography and Statistics (published in years 2009 - 2015).

Papers published in the  KAE Working Papers are available in Cyber Open Repository of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics:


Our series is already accessible in IDEAS/RePec database [link].

Wskazówki dla autorów 

Submission of the document can be made by sending the proposed working paper to the editors via:  WorkingPapers_KAE@sgh.waw.pl.

There is no specific format template for the submission of the working paper. For sample formatting authors may refer to previous submissions. Working papers can be submitted in the form of PDF files or MS Word document. Along with the submission of the working paper please send over the following information, which will allow to streamline indexation:

  1. Name(s) and surname(s) of all authors
  2. Title of the Working Paper
  3. Abstract
  4. Keywords
  5. JEL classification codes (link)

In case of Polish language submissions translation of the abstract and the above metadata are encouraged (to allow for proper indexation)

Articles in the KAE Working Paper Series 

Full list of articles in the KAE Working Papers: